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Weekend Update:

Lately I've been sleeping in really late for some strange reason. Saturday morning I woke up between 1pm-2pm. Perhaps staying up late watching television, reading and writing is the cause of this. I just don't know.

Watched the Super Bowl, and although I don't really care much for the teams I watched it anyway just for the new commercials - in which some were hilarious. I was really hoping to see the new Pepsi commercial with Britney/Pink/Beyonce singing "We Will Rock You" as Gladiator warriors, or I might've missed that when I left the room. Did anyone see that Janet Jackson performance? Was that her breast that I saw? That was awesome! On halftime, man! *applauds* That was excellent!!

Oh yeah....

How could anyone miss the NEW PRISONER OF AZKABAN TRAILER!?! Dude, that was fucking awesome! Although it aired on Nickoloden in the morning, and I didn't get up until a lot later, I didn't get a chance to see it firsthand. However, it is now avaliable online, as well as screencaps. And it's too hilarious! Harry getting his face smashed into the Knight Bus window, the small shrunken head hanging from the rearview mirror saying, "Mind your head", Harry and Hermione under the tree (supposedly when the Dementors are approaching), and the lady at the end sayind, "Housekeeping - (gust of wind in her face; door closes) - I'll come back later!"

It's raining really hard right now....yippy!

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