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"They're like Klingons without the Kling."

1. Ah, just finished some of chores leftover from yesterday. Unlike some, I like doing these everyday unwritten assigned chores. For me, it's a sense of accomplishment. Granted I don't enjoy all of them of course, however once they're done I can move onward with the more fun and relaxing parts of daily life. Now, I will be continuing my streak of cleaning and removing junk and things that I don't need anymore. That, and organize myself before my classes start on Monday.

2. The trailer for Noriko's Dinner Table has finally emerged. It's the prequel to the amazing film Suicide Circle, and I'm so psyched about it. There's also another variation of the trailer on the official website.

3. What's more hilarious than reading a reported wankage in a fandom? Reading upon the wankage within the wanking reports by an ignorant troll who doesn't understand the meaning of Fandom Wanking. The entire thing is beyond hysterical, and the troll is basically placing more gasoline to the fire by returning and repeating themselves over and over (with horrible grammar, created sockpuppets and elementry insults too, oh my!) Seriously, the entertainment is priceless.
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