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"It Must Be Tuesday"

In case anyone's been living underneath a rock, Veronica Mars Season 2 came out on DVD today. I didn't pre-order mine, although there's a high chance it'll be in my hands very soon. That, or wait until my birthday which I can do, I have the patience. Besides which, I'll be too busy anticipating the show returning this fall, brand new episodes for a brand new season, that is just around the corner.

Oh, and I noticed something regarding season three: Perhaps I'm way off, but doesn't the guy standing behind Verionica in this new CW preview look a lot like young!Simon? Because dude, after watching several times I am convinced that it is him. For those wondering, yes I refer to Zac Efron as young!Simon because he will always be the younger version of Simon Tam to me. The majority of people will know him from High School Musical, but I know him from when he made his acting debut. So, there! Anyway, if that truly IS him, that would be completely awesome. To add to that amount of awesome, that would mean he's guest-starred on Firefly and Veronica Mars. Shiny, without a doubt.

That preview also gives interesting ideas for a GG/VMars crossover, like whoa.

Oh, and on a final note: Snakes on Crack! My brand new phrase of the week. (Seriously, that movie has some of the BEST lines ever. OMGWTFSNAKES!!) Hee.
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