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"Bite Me, I'm a Toaster Strudel!"

Highlights of what's been happening this week, as I've been slightly distracted with stressing over returning for college and such (well, not entirely distracted but enough to get me exhausted by the end of the day).

1. First off, this is probably the biggest news that I've been reading about all over the Internet: as scientists have officially declared that Pluto is not a planet, meaning there are only eight now in our solar system. Well, this certainly will have a drastic change in all the science and astronomy books worldwide. I'll bet anything that this is exactly what we'll be discussing in my Astronomy class tomorrow. Though truth be told, I'm not disappointed with this information coming out since it's been debated and speculated for many years whether Pluto is actually a planet of our solar system. I'm shocked it took them this long to reach a final decision, but I know that with this loss comes more education to teach children. In my opinion it's not destroying knowledge, it's expanding it.

Sure, we may have to change textbooks and revise information along with learn more than what we've been taught due to this announcement. But as time goes on, information will eventually change and things will have to be updated to fit into current learnings about our world that we otherwise didn't know about. But it'll take time to get used to. I mean, people once believed Earth was flat until that was disproven. It's all the matter accepting that change.

2. Another reason why I dislike reality television. Yeah, because that's exactly what this country needs: more racism.

3. I cannot believe Psych is having its mid-season finale soon! Didn't it just have it's premiere? But I already know that it'll be returning in January (it probably doesn't want to be competed against the fall premiering shows, as that's the case). But still, it seems as though summer is going by rather quickly.

4. Koda Kumi's is going to be releasing another new single! She's on fire, as she just released her 4 hot wave single; featuring four songs with PVs for each telling a connecting story. I'm anticipating for this new single. As for Namie Amuro, right now she's touring all over Japan with her ~BEST tour "Live Style 2006"~ (from Aug. 13th through Nov. 5th). I wish I could travel to Japan to see her live, however being in school and lack of money all I can do is hope there will be a DVD release of it soon and order it then.
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