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Three Monday Pretties

1. Unlike some, I didn't necessarily watch the Emmy Awards last night. This was partially due to that I already knew who the winners were before it even aired via online results, the price for being on the West Coast, so I didn't feel inclined to watch. Though I did catch some highlight moments as people had pointed out. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert cuteness and Mariska Hargitay winning with her adorable and gorgeous self, not to mention Hugh Laurie speaking a little bit of French. Still squeeing over the Jon and Stephen moments.

2. Homework assignments have been written up and done for tomorrow. I feel as though my hands are going to fall off from writing too much (by hand, mind you). But all has been accomplished and I feel relieved. Yays.

3. Bedtime soon. Needs the sleepy time. Early morning tomorrow.
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