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Labor Day Weekend (Pretties and Updates)

There really isn't anything in terms of festivities or celebration I do for Labor Day Weekend, other than getting an extended weekend and not going to classes because of that. Which to me, that's all I need because there's been chores I've been doing and lots of college work that needed to be done before their due dates. Now that I have them partially finished with I have the rest of today to relax and such.

I've been constructing a thorough review for the season premiere of Bones, which will be arriving soon. I had to rewatch the episode again to get some missed information. It should be up either this evening or tomorrow at the latest.

Now, for upcoming film releases this winter: Pan's Labyrinth (Laberinto del Fauno, El) directed by Guillermo Del Toro. This has catched my interest initially because I'm a fan of fantasy thrillers, another reason is that the entire film will be in Spanish. Foreign films are majorly intriguing because the majority I've seen haven't fallen victim of the typical Hollywood formula, plus the entire premise follows the terrifying connection between reality of the Spanish civil war and the creative imagination of a child that comes to life; in truth, fairytales aren't harmless because the original tales were gruesome and horrific. From what I've read of reviews, this film presents just that. It's neither a fantasy nor a thriller, but a combination of them with historical events. The international trailer (spoken in Spanish, no subtitles) looks simply amazing, and I cannot wait until it hits theaters this December.

In addition to my excitement, Koda Kumi is now on a MasterCard! Holy freaking shit, I want one! Kuu on a MasterCard is of the awesome, but I'm betting it's way too expensive to get one specialized let alone keeping it in fair condition. Oh well, a girl can dream.
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