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This is something that I've meant to put up, but haven't yet. So now I am. It's a review from last week's episode of Angel and a little information and commentary about tonights episode that will be airing this evening.

I am going on record in saying that this is the best episode of the season by far. The others would have to be episode 5x09 entitled "Harm's Way" - generally showing Harmony's side of working in Wolfram & Hart - and episode 5x10 entitled "Soul Purpose" - directed by David Boreanaz, a great debut in directing, also showing the wackiness when our favorite vampire with a soul gets hallucinations, and the bear with the fishbowl, might I add. But this episode is the best so far from the others.

The girl in this episode, played by Navi Rawat, is named Dana who was placed into a psychiatric hospital since she was a small child. The episode starts out inside that hosptial when Dana is introduced with great strength - slayer strength - and tries to escape still in her hospital gown. The doctor tries to calm her down, but fails and she attacks the other nurses, and in that results to cutting the throat of one and taking their blood and marking her face, which to me resembles the First Slayer with the native markings on her face. Dana reminds me of Faith in a way, the psychotic ways, but Dana's is more psychological. She was abducted when she was a child and tortured by an unknown man; taken down into a warehouse basement, chained up and tortured with tools and hosptial knives. It is also acknowledged that she was sexually abused as well. So I really felt sympathy for Dana, after all she's been through and now finding out that she was a slayer (also an effects that Willow's spell had when they got all the Potential Slayers to have the slayer strength to defeat The First - all girls all over the world that were eventually going to be slayers in this generation are now slayers, which brings up a lot of unanswered questions and theories).

Andrew Wells, played by Tom Lenk, returned and guest-starred on this particular episode of Angel. Let me tell you, I was happy and overexcited when he appeared on screen. He is still the geeky little boy that we all remember from the Buffy series, and his hobbit references ("He's alive Frodo, he's alive!") and transferring back to the Buffy season 7 episode, "Storyteller", he pronounced the word 'vampires' as, vumpyres. He also had longer hair than before, which made him look like a hobbit, and his knowledge of what was going on with the other Buffy characters told us that there might be more appearances by others, but we're still not sure who or when.

Dana's abductor was never truly revealed, except when Angel tells her near the end of the show that he's been dead for quite a long time. Although I cringed when I saw Spike's hands dismembered and only the stumps of the arms. The assumption that Dana made was that Spike was the one that tortured her, and speaking in short sentences (perhaps what the man told her when she was a child) she wanted to get back at him. But I knew that Spike could never do that, even without a soul. When Spike was the Big Bad vampire, he killed fast and easy and got what he wanted, so I knew right away that he didn't do that or else he would've remembered (he remembered killing the two slayers back then, and Dana, being a slayer now and all, gets flashbacks from all the previous slayers in the past from other generations, including the First Slayer). Angelus, I feel, was more into the torturing of poor innocent souls - example from season 2 of Buffy: understanding Angel's dark past we know he tormented Drusilla's family before siring her. So Spike wasn't an option. Luckily, Spike was spared when Angel got Dana and stunned her with stun guns.

The last confrontation between Angel and Andrew when Andrew tries to take back Dana back with him:

Angel: You're way out of your league. I'll get clear this with Buffy.
Andrew: Where do you think my orders came from? News flash - nobody in our camp trusts you anymore. Nobody. You work for Wolfram & Hart. Don't fool yourself...we're not on the same side.

This is basically a slap in the face for Angel and the gang. It's saying that no matter what good you think you're going to do while on the inside the masterminds of evil, the evil will soon get onto you and use your power of good for evil and damage all the good left in the world. Meaning it'll turn back on them. Perhaps with Lindsay and Eve or the Senior Partners or whomever decides to take actions. Anyway, as I said before, I loved this episode and I hope there's more like them on the way.

And now my take and predictions for tonights episode.

Cordelia's back; awakened from the coma she was in since last season. From what I've read in the spoilers, Cordy is not very pleased that Angel and the gang have agreed to work for Wolfram & Hart. In some of the promo pictures, Cordy's carrying a Samurai sword and doing some wicked moves in fighting and whatnot. The future for her, or the gang, is uncertain. I guess I'll have to wait and see.

I think Cordelia might stay with them, but not agree with their views in working for the evilness that his Wolfram & Hart. I don't know. Perhaps she'll leave them and go help Spike on the streets in saving the innocents or something like that. I'll have to see.

Okay, so tonight's episode is going to be airing in ten minutes. So I'll update probably tommorrow about the episode.

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