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Hey, what's your damage?

Sort of a local news updated report, there's been the dilemma with our county workers walkout and striking over health care benefit contract negotiations that's been the major stir in our area recently. The consequence of this is overflowing trashcans and waste that may be a health hazard if not dealt with (in which some residents here are doing the dirty deeds themselves by taking their garbage to the local dump --- or someone is asking for profit to do it for you). I think the entire matter over what they're striking for is ridiculous, however news reports are saying there may be a decision in the workings. Key word: maybe. It's been almost over two weeks, and our trash/recycle bins are completely overflowed and there's no telling how long it'll be until a compromise will be given. It could be more weeks, or even months, before that happens. But I'm praying that it'll be cleared up sooner than later.

This is probably already known amongst fandoms, but tomorrow will be the WB network's final farewell before collaborating with UPN to officially become the CW network. In celebration to that, the WB will be reairing the pilots of its successful series, this includes Buffy the Vampire Slayer's two-hour pilot episode. Ah, the old school years. Good times.
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