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Three Daily Things (Pirate!Gal Style)

Avast, me hearties, it's the international Talk Like A Pirate Day. I don't normally participate in something like this, online or off, however today there's an exception: I just feel like doing something wacky for the humor. Plus, LiveJournal is doing cute things with its site, adding little eyepatches on the username headpics, cleverly renaming our userinfos with silly pirate-esque lingoes. So, it may be slightly silly but it's all in good fun. Pirates! Aaarrr!

I've been thinking that there should be a Talk Like A Browncat Day, with space-western lingo and Mandarin swearing. Now that would be gorram shiny, indeed.

1. Tonight is a brand new House episode, I still have yet to review the season premiere and the latest episode from the week before (schoolwork has been cosnuming so much of my time lately). There's also the premieres of Law & Order: CI and Boston Legal, and tomorrow will be another new episode of Bones and the second seasoning opening for Criminal Minds which will continue the cliffhanger mystery from the finale. Gosh, this schedule is going to get the better of me, considering some old fandoms returning, some colliding with other fandom timeslots. There's also the issue of new fandoms that I'm interested in, including the new series Heroes which I'm anticipating to see. And the midseason returnings of Psych and Medium this January. Too many fandoms, not enough televisions or computer space!

2. Examinations are this week, and I just had one earlier today. I'm going to be completely exhausted by the end of this week. *le sigh*

3. There's been a compromise, and our country garbage will be collected after nearly two-three weeks of workers going on strike after rising costs of their medical health. Finally, as I breathe a sigh of relief, that everything had been settled (more or less) of the issue at hand. Certainly some people have been doing their civic duty and dealing with the trash themselves, but it's not enough for every single person in the entire country. That's like, hundreds of thousands of people to cover. Thankfully, all garbage will be picked up as scheduled.
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