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Fandom: The Satellite of Love

Firstly, I have to say Happy 29th Birthday to Namie Amuro! Technically it was yesterday (the time change difference), but nevertheless I'm wishing her the very best and happiness of this special occasion. There's also other fantastic news, it's been reported from several sources that Namie is considering touring overseas sometime next year, this includes Europe and the United States! Being a fan, this is incredibly exciting since I've been wanting to see her in concert, and now I'll finally get a chance to! So yays!

Tonight was the season premiere of Criminal Minds, and this is what I thought of the continuation from the finale: I thought the conclusion was well-done, including adding up all the given clues and details as given to the viewers. In an article for the finale they mentioned it was for the fans to become a profiler, to piece the puzzle together and attempt to solve it before it's revealed in the premiere. Though I'm wondering if anyone actually did figure it all out before it was revealed in this evening's episode.

Anyway, it was cleverly placed together; the connections with recreating the adventure of finding the Holy Grail, being the kidnapped girl in the basement, threatening and exploiting each of the team and their interests to play his game of saving his daughter --- or, retrieving the "Grail" as it were --- having Reid be the ultimate key to everything, with his mother and everything. I liked how while completely whirling around in intense circles, it made sense and fitted perfectly into place in the very end as Reid was being the courageous "modern knight" and solving the puzzle. The Unsub was the biological father of the kidnapped girl, who was horribly burned after a fire killed all his family (surprisingly, he thought Rebecca, the girl, was too but somehow coherently understood that she needed saving. Perhaps he knew that he couldn't do it again, and needed the BAU team to assist him while playing into his delusions, or something like that. That is probably why he needed the right question to be asked before, you know, blowing himself up --- self-sacrifice? I don't know). Luckily, it was solved in this very intense episode, and Reid being the prime solver with his incredible genius mind.

Also, I was totally worried about Elle last season and was in this episode, although knew she was to be perfectly fine in the end because a.) it wouldn't be the same without the wonderful Elle Greenaway and b.) I was spoiled in an article description for the next episode. Though I did like the dreamlike-unconscious-nearly dead sequences with her father, which gives a little more background to her personal life. That was nice, along with seeing Reid communicate with his mother, even if she was slightly out of it from her paranoid-schizophrenia.

In the overall reaction from me, excellent beginner to the second season. Still am loving the quotations in the beginning and ending of the episodes, and tonight's was Reid's personal opinion quote. Much love.

One downer of having Wednesday nights of shows, both Bones and Criminal Minds are on at the same time. So, I have two missed episodes of Bones that I have to catch up on.
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