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Fandomosity: Jossverse (BDM, BtVS), Wonder Woman, Kuu

Today oficially indicates the beginning of the autumn season, so we shall bid out farewells to the summer that had gone by so quickly this particular year. Furthermore, happy Rosh Hashanah to everyone who celebrates it!

-♠- "Shiny, Let's Be Bad Guys!": Since Serenity had been re-released on HD-DVD, someone over at DVD File gave an unbiased review, considering he hadn't seen the series beforehand. But fret not, because this review holds wonderful praise especially for someone unaware of how the story and events happened in Firefly. This is a really thorough and detailed review that I think every Browncoat should enjoy reading. There may be some inconsistencies here and there from the gathered information (e.g. Earth-That-Was no longer in use because of a "nuclear war"), but otherwise overlooking those minor mistakes the review is nicely written.

-♠- She Saved The World, A Lot: An interesting written analysis article comparing the series finale of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the events of hurricane Katrina. While it may be slightly farfetched by comparing a fictional and supernatural television series to a devastating real-life event (which happened after the fact), there are some interesting pinpoints and comparisons to certain things as presented in the persons article. Plus, one can take or leave this article, however it does have the reflection of art-imitating-life. Seeing as though Sunnydale was built on the Hellmouth, dealing with End Of The World situations are just another part of life for Buffy Summers and the Scooby Gang, just like dealing with life and death situations in our reality.

-♠- ...And That Makes Us Mighty: Haven't yet ordered yourself the Done The Impossible? Look no further, as it is now available to order from Amazon, and as seen in the reviews it's highly and beyond recommended.

-♠- Joss Loves Kickass Women: As the speculations on who will portray Wonder Woman continues, there's been a rumored report that Rachel Bilson would be cast. Although it's been admitted that Rachel was oblivious about these rumors, and hadn't even been contacted by anyone for the film. Personally, I think she would definitely fit the part as Wonder Woman (considering she had already dressed the part in an episode of The OC, a surprise for Seth Cohen), though perhaps a younger version of the character. I have no doubt that Bilson would rule that role beautifully if she actually had been approached and cast, but I'm still placing my hopes and bets on either Morena Baccarin or Charisma Carpenter.

-♠- "She Always Did Love To Dance...": Just when I thought my love for Summer Glau couldn't rise above and beyond as it already is, she goes and has this in-depth interview from Dragon*Con that instantly uplifts my fangirling love for her, not to mention how adorable and well-spoken and praise-worthy she is. Gushing, me? What makes you say that? Anyway, this interview she talks about her upcoming projects, including a role in The Unit and her upcoming TV movie The Initiation of Sarah. Really nice interview.

-♠- Kuu Is JUICY: I mentioned before that Koda Kumi is being featured on a special version of MasterCard, well now there's a promotion commerical for its debut! Yays, and I do want one; though I wonder if it'll be available for people overseas and not just in Japan (and even so, could I even afford one?) Still very shiny, indeed.
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