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Shiny Happenings

This is probably completely yesterday's news or whatever, but with the first amount of Order of the Phoenix promotional images that have spontaneously emerged have caught my eye. Particularly the Sci-Fi resembling picture of Dumbledore's Army looking all badass. Really, all the officially released pictures look fantastic. Of course there's going to be people out there that'll nitpick over every little detail they find canonically wrong, but I'm liking what I'm seeing. Hopefully in the next coming of months there will be more promotional pictures leaked from Warner Bros.

There's also the preparation of the third season premiere of Veronica Mars next week, although some folks out there have already seen the premiere episode this passed week through some reliable Internet downloadable source (which I believe was obtained legally through Rob Thomas or CW). But I'm going to wait patiently until it airs officially.

Still loving Heroes, which is my recent fandom obsession.

1.) What TV show(s) do you find yourself watching the most?
I have a wide variety of shows that I watch continuously, but genre-wise I tend to be focused more on the mystery/investigating/drama kinds of shows. There's some paranormal/scifi series that I like watching and have captured my intrigued, and certain comedies. My favorite shows or genres of shows I tend to be drawn to are all over the charts, really.

2.) What, if any, TV shows do you own on DVD?
Oh, too many to count and name. I have more movies than television shows, though.

3.) Can you name your favorite TV show theme song?
Again, too many to name. But at the top of my head and my first choice, "Ballad of Serenity" from Firefly, which is a given obviously. Boston Legal's theme tune is quite enjoyable, and very bouncy! Same goes for Dead Like Me. The dramatic effect of the new Battlestar Galactica's theme really gives the dark and angsty atmosphere feel (in fact, the entire score soundtrack, like Firefly, is highly remarkable and speaks volumes that matches what's happening in that universe, telling the story through the music). There are many others, but there are what came to my mind first.

4.) Have you ever been on TV and if so for what?
Other than local news segments from years ago, nothing in particular.

5.) What is your favorite YouTube video (feel free to post a link)?
Music video: Namie Amuro - GIRL TALK. Great song for every girl out there who just want to talk with her girlfriends about girlie things. Plus, I love Namie in this video; she looks so cute and pretty! Although I already have this video in my possession, and there's more favorites from YouTube, I just thought I'd share and spread the Namie love!

Thank goodness it's Friday, so I can sleep in this weekend. College is great and all, but sometimes the pressures of all the work really tire a gal out, you know?
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