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Heroes: "Don't Look Back" Mini-Review

First week and second day of October, second episode of NBC's Heroes. My thoughts of tonight's hour.

I'll have to catch up on my full-length reviews for all my current shows when I find the time, however tonight's episode continues my absolute love for this brand new series. I mean really, new fandom obsession here people!

The brotherly affection between the Petrelli brothers are amazingly developed, and this has something to do with the wonderful actors chosen for the roles. They are the perfect Yin and Yang, and yet I love the devotion of Nathan to his younger brother, Peter, especially nearing the end. At first I thought him to be a jackass from last week's premiere episode, but now I kind of understand that since he's in the political world he has to keep things "simple" and "normal". He does have the supernatural ability to fly, and him exposing it would ruin his career. Anyway, I thought he was sweet in the end. Peter actually hovered above the ground! That part was too cute, as was the hug between the brothers. Awww! Much love. It's sad about the reality of their father, though. I wonder if their father had the ability too. Hmmm, things to ponder about.

Niki's storyline is getting pretty darn interesting. Confusing, yet interesting. While we're still in the dark about the exact reasoning of her doppelgänger/alter ego, I have my theories. God, I love Ali Larter in this show. The only thing I was preplexed about was the shifring of times with her --- going from five minutes to four hours in a blink of an eye; the effect of her alterself? Something in connection of her ability? And how did her alterself clean up the mess? Was it during that time lapse? More intriguing stuff that's keeping me interested....

Gotta love Claire. I mean really, I like how she's trying to find out things herself and not expose her abnormality, and finding out more of her birth parents. But her father, the main antagonist of the series as I'm presuming, is good at lying straight to her face. Him finding the tapes? Plotpoint! Plotpoint! Evil! Evil! Run, Claire, run! Still like that boy she's hanging out with. I hope he'll become her best friend as the series continues, or better yet her trustworthy boyfriend (even if he had accidentally lost the tapes, or did he?)

Yay for Hiro! Though hello, darling I know you're cute with speaking English with a Japanese accent but where is your common sense? NEVER pick up any sort of weapon when it's a crime scene. That's guarantees you as a prime suspect! Though the ending was, whoa. "Holy shit" was all I said.

I like the policeman who hears voices inside his head, although he got the bad end of the stick after saving the little girl's life. But, yay for Clea DuVall! Let's hope she's a reoccurring character in his storyline, for a while anyway.

But, the heads of victims being sliced in half? Did they really just show that on basic cable? I'm not complaining, since it's compelling stuff, but still. Wow. And the guy being frozen, the girl hammered into the staircase wall? That with what Hiro discovered with future!Isaac's head sliced open --- connection, with a plot twist! Ohh, I'm liking this already (not that I wouldn't, but yeah).

Still so much to mention, but yeah. I'll get to all that later when I write a more thorough review of the overall likes, fawning overs and speculations of where I think all this is possibily going. But I shall mention this: I'm really enjoying the comic book tie-ins, with Isaac drawing and creating what has already happened like telling the story of how they will probably save the world. Like real superheroes. I just hope that Isaac doesn't die in the end because, dude, I really like him. Even if he does predict the future while only high off drugs. Still, more to come with the reviews from both aired episodes and my personal theories and feelings of the storylines connecting together.

Have I mentioned that I love this show? Seriously. Heroes equals a Monday night drug that I hope lasts for quite some time. But I've noticed that USA and Sci-Fi reruns the episodes too. Nevertheless, I'm not missing Monday nights. That would be Heroes night for me. Yep. Much love for this show, much love.
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