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vengeance is what I am

Between the emotions of anger and extremely hostile lies the small gray shadowing area known as totally pissed off. That's where I am right now. It was said that, supposedly, the movie Kill Bill Vol. 1 was going to be released on DVD and VHS sometime early this month of February. Unfortunately, the dates have changed and now, that I have recently found out, the movie is going to be officially released for sale sometime in April, which makes absolutely no sense considering that the second part of the movie is coming out in late February.

Although I wanted to get the first volume before the second one came out, but now I guess the only option I have now is to get both of them in a box set - or, perhaps, I shall get them separately in case the dates change. The possibilities are high in the air right now, and nothing is ever probable anymore. I guess I'll have to wait and see. Until then, I shall wait patiently for Volume 2 to enter theaters so I can finally see how the story ends (or how the people internationally call it, 'Kill is Love' or 'Kill Bill: A Love Story').

Anyway, now I will go on and give the review from the latest episode of Angel, the 100th episode.

As mentioned before, this is the 100th episode of Angel in its fifth season. A brilliant episode might I add, as well as an outstanding performance by Charisma Carpenter, who guest-starred as Cordelia Chase. If anyone's been keeping track on what was happening on the show in the previous season, Cordy was being possessed by a higher evil power, had gotten pregnant by Angel's son, Connor, and gave birth to the evil higher power itself. Cordelia went into a coma, and ever since then she's been there - until this episode.

Having Cordy back on the show was quite a refreshment; bringing back the spice and the humor that we missed so much while she's been gone. While others might not have agreed about the Cordy/Angel relationship, or the would-have-been, but I thought it was rather adorable how their friendship progressed into the awkwardness of a growing relationship. And although I am a Buffy/Angel shipper (along with Buffy/Spike and Angel/Spike), I found their inquired attractiveness towards one another cute.

The Eve/Cordy confrontation was so good I was positively sure that Cordelia was about to bitchslap Eve any second. Although I do admit that I like Eve on the show, finally a girl with some attitude aside from Cordy, she is, without any doubt, evil or tied in with the strings of the bad guys. But I could not resist the Eve and Cordy face-to-face bitching at each other, and ever though there were catfights - something I would pay big bucks to see - there was plenty of evil-eye and bitchiness going on. It was hilarious to see, especially Eve's face when Cordy snapped wisecracks at her.

Now, this was something that all Angel fans were waiting for, the semi-cameo appearance of our favorite half-demon vision bearer, Doyle, who was killed off in the first season of Angel (and actor, Glenn Quinn, R.I.P). Cordelia was watching the old advertisement video from the olden days of Angel Investigations, back when they lived at the small little rented office that Angel lived in before the hotel and Wolfram & Hart. This was a kindhearted warming scene between them - and a little reality check for Angel when Cordelia tries to remind him who he was before he got sucked into the Wolfram & Hart scam.

Lindsay, of course, was trying to turn Spike against Angel and the gang so Spike could, supposedly, earn his take in the prophecy. However, the plan that he sets up backfires and now Angel and the gang try to pry answers out from Eve, who they've suspected for a while now is doing something against them. Cordeila once again spats into Eve's face about letting the so-called 'Doyle' - a.k.a. Lindsay, using a false name and the visions to set-up Spike into believing him - and tells her off that no one should ever use that name in her presence. Because everyone knows that there is only one Doyle in the Angelverse, and he is deceased from doing his part in heroism.

Finally, they figure out that it's Lindsay doing all these things to them without the Senior Partners knowing, Angel, Cordelia and Spike go down to where Lindsay is planning on destroying Angel once and for all, while Harmony is instructed to keep an eye on Eve - and eat her if Eve tries to escape the room. (Harmony was happy about this, because she is partially evil)

The fight between Angel and Lindsay was excellent; Cordelia did wonders with that Samurai sword with the Wolfram & Hart guards, and very typical for her to not know how to turn off the device that Lindsay had going on. It was hilarious when she started to randomly push buttons to try and turn it off. Very Cordelia Chase.

I liked it when Angel looked like he had gone down, and Lindsay was taunting him about being the so-called hero turned softy because of Wolfram & Hart. Angel hadn't gone down, instead he pulled out the sword that was stuck in his chest and started to fight back on his former nemesis for many seasons ago. Meanwhile Fred, Gunn and Wesley were performing and spell to remove the mystical tattoos on Lindsay's body - when they succeeded, Angel had beaten Lindsay, who was now bleeding from the mouth but still standing. But when he finds out that his tattoos were gone, the Senior Partners open a portal above him. My favorite line from him was:

Lindsay: You don't think they're mad, do you?

Classic line, after all that fighting Lindsay still has something civil to ask Angel. He gets swooped up into the portal, and the battle between them is done. Cordelia had disabled the device, and that was the last we'll see of Lindsay....or will we?

The gang bids Eve a mighty farewell, forbidding her to return to Wolfram & Hart ever again, or she will be killed. But I have a feeling that this is not the end of Eve; we will be seeing her again real soon, she's not gone for good just yet. There's so many questions left unanswered about her.

The ending was a bittersweet one. The gang goes off the have a drink at the pub, Angel goes off to his office to close down while Cordelia follows. Angel and Cordy have a moment of converstaion, talking about who Angel really is and to never forget the true him; Cordelia, then tries to tell him that she cannot stay with them. That her place is elsewhere, and that times have changed and she has to move on. But just when she about to leave, leaving in sadness, she turns around and Angel and Cordelia kiss for the first time - or the first real time since they realized their feelings for one another.

The very end was sadder than ever; Cordelia's last words were: "Oh, and you're welcome." just before Angel gets the ringing phone that interrupts them. We now find out that Cordelia had died in the hospital just a few seconds ago - Cordelia wasn't really there with them, just the physical spirit on called upon the Powers-That-Be to warn Angel about his potential enemies, who they were, and to set him back on track without losing himself to the high powers or get himself killed. Cordelia, at the end of the day, succeeded in her task, and then she faded away with the satisfaction that she made one last change in her friend's lives.

Overall, the episode was amazingly put together. This is the best 100th episode I have seen, and the most bittersweet one I have seen in a long time. It's also sad because I miss Cordelia, and I was hoping to see more of her in the future eps - but that won't happen now, which sucks but at least her character got some peace with what she had to do. So I am glad about that.

This weekend has been the longest yet shortest one I've been in. I feel almost like screaming any second now. But, oh well, tomorrow is another day. Yep.
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