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What the Gorram Frak?

So, I watched the two-hour third season premiere of Battlestar Galactica. And yes, here there be spoilers ahead. The entire first scene was spectacular, especially Kara. Now that was one hell of a scene. Playing coy and sweet, and then stabbing the guy (with what I believe it was a tweezer?) Because he's a Cylon he'll never die, just that whole scene with her stabbing him and watching him die, then return to the dinner table of her "home away from home" prison and eating with justification was just....awesome. I think Kara looks very pretty with long hair, even though I know it won't last the entire season it does suit her nicely.

Without making this too long of my wonderment in reaction to the premiere, I'll just say the feel in the atmosphere on New Caprica is quite interesting, and depressing. It's the Utopian idea that humans and Cylons can live together in peace, and as witnessed isn't going over so well. Loved Kara's reaction to her half-human/half-Cylon child named Casey --- the before and after the discovery. Yay Adama for trusting Sharon! Poor Gaius, and poor Six (though still loving the idea of Gaius having the Six in his head and meeting the Six in real life, and vice versa with Six having the Gaius in her head as well). This is going to be a doozy of a season, I can already tell.

This is coming from someone who's been recently discovering the total awesomeness of this show, and this episode sold me completely. Yet something else to add to my Friday night Must-Watch list, which is all good because hey, new fandoms means new loves, which means new things to squee about this fall. I'm not complaining one bit, and thankfully nothing is conflicting on this day.

More amazing news from fandom: Heroes has been picked up for a full season! So totally shiny! *squees*

Oh, and isn't it supposed to be autumn already? We had like, one day of coldness and rain, but the temperature is rising again. Mind you not by much, it's still nippy outside, however I shouldn't be wearing a tank top during the afternoon as I can literally feel the heat from the sun minus the breeze. I don't know, our weather and climate is getting so out of whack in the recent years. I shouldn't even be surprised that it's still like this.
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