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Heroes: "One Giant Leap" Mini-Review

Yet another episode that keeps me tuned in, adding more to my love for this show. This episode, "One Giant Leap", definitely was a giant leap into the storylines of these individuals and the overall mystery surrounding their destiny of being connected together for a greater purpose.

I'm going to say upfront that I'm really admiring Claire. Her simplistic charm is something I like, and her wanting to be of the normal and average instead of thriving on being different to gain popularity. Unlike her competitive cheerleading pal who is actually taking pleasure of having people fawn over a good deed she didn't commit, Claire just doesn't want that attention. And her rebuttal to that boy (whose name I completely forgot at this very moment) was like, total ownage. It's realistically told, too: the average person wants to be different or special, and those who are already special or unique wants to be just like everybody else without further judgment. Plus, having an invincible teenage girl will gain more than just attention and popularity from her peers, as she then mentioned to him.

Though I really want to punch that cocky jackass asshole who tried to force himself onto her at the bonfire and rape her....oh, and not to mentioning killing her! But of course she's not dead, just a little tied up from whatever was stuck in her neck from reviving herself. Which, at the very end of the episode, that was such an unexpected yet interesting way to end. It was like, completely grisly. But I liked that. Her reaction before they cut it to black was my reaction. Let's hope she comes up with some kind of reasonable explanation once she walks out, alive and well after being cut up and opened. I swear, somebody better make a Night of the Living Dead comment or joke. That would be awesome.

Hiro is SO FREAKING ADORABLE!! I love Hiro. Finally he convinced his friend of his abilities. Hee, and "it's our destiny" cracked up me. Loved it.

And the mystery continues with Niki, Micah, her supposedly criminal-yet-having-seen-or-knows-what-he-does-yet deadbeat husband, and this mob boss that has Niki all in a bundle to go see. I have a feeling that the grandmother is behind something, or at least knows more than she's letting on. Although I'm wondering if Niki realizes that threatening people isn't a good thing, particularly if her alter ego tries to frame her in the future for whatever it does while she's unaware. I'm not sure if that'll happen --- or if the alter ego is actually trying to help Niki's situation, in whatever ways possible --- but it's just a speculation I have.

More with the creepy of what Mohinder found in Scyler's apartment. I mirror his words too, what had his father been involved with?

More with the Clea DuVall love.

Ah, and so the plot thickens with this mysterious dark figure that can apparently fly or transport itself wherever, locate a young girl in a protective safe room under high security of the FBI, does mind control/telekinetic powers, and is impossible to kill (by bullets, anyway). I'm not sure if it's the same person/thing that is sawing the heads of people open and taking out their brains --- for the Scyler, I predict it's all zombification! Mmm, braaaaiiinnsss!! --- but it's still of the creepifying nonetheless.

And so the plot thickens....

I really enjoyed this episode. Next Monday just can't arrive soon enough, gorrammit! Goodness, I love this show.

I've been completely neglecting the full-length review for my fandoms, this one in particular. It's all due to a hectic schedule I'm currently following. But no worries people, I'll be writing thorough episodic reviews and speculations for Heroes, as well as the new season of Battlestar Galactica. Possibly House, too.
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