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Simplistic Joys

1. The first and foremost thing, happy birthday to asthecrowflies! Wishing you the best on this special occasion.

2. I just watched the 2006 Scream Awards that aired on SpikeTV this evening, which is in celebration of anything in relation of the horror/thriller genre of movies and television. And seriously, is possibly the MOST worthwhile awards show anyone can ever watch; there's no censorship in what they show. It's blood, guts, gore, decapitations...they show it all. Anyway, I'm enjoying myself with seeing who's there, which things were nominated and who won, when suddenly I found myself cheering when Battlestar Galactica won for Best Television Show! Beating LOST! Grace Park, Katee Sackhoff, and Tricia Helfer were all there to accept the award, and all were extremely beautiful. So, that was very awesome. Others that attended were Rob Zombie, Jessica Alba, Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriquez, Marilyn Manson, William Shatner, Frank Miller, Devon Aoki, and plenty of others I recognized. I liked watching it, as it's way more tolerable than other award shows I've seen and actually gives recognition to some of the underappreciated people and workings of the film/televison world.

3. Hee, continuing the horror streak Jon Stewart imitated the Crypt Keeper tonight. The evil hysterical laugh!

4. The Heroes Fandom Friending Meme. If your a fan of this new NBC series, then I suggest hopping over to this meme, filling out the survey, and meet/mingle with others who obsess love the show as you do.
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