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When Hell freezes over, Satan has an ice-skating party!

Ah, happy Friday the 13th everyone, whether or not it's been the luckiest or unluckiest day of the week.

Okay, so LiveJournal's been making itself up with some new features. I sometimes wonder if these changes are for the better or worse for the site in general. The LJTalk is okay, not something I plan on doing anytime soon, but it's optional since one has to download the feature in order to access it. However, the one newest feature that's quickly becoming a pet peeve is those little information popups whenever you have your mouse arrow hover over someone's username headpic. Not only is it pointless, but slow things down. There really should be an optional change whether a user wants that feature or not, because it's really starting to bug the hell out of me.

New episode of Battlestar Galactica tonight. Plus Anthony Stewart Head will be on the episode of Doctor Who, showing before BSG. This just makes my night so much better with this lineup!

I may be getting addicted to Prison Break, as well.
Tags: fandom, livejournal, prison break
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