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Pretties of the Weekend

I. So, as I mentioned before LiveJournal's been going through some new changes with features, in case anyone hasn't noticed. One in particular hover-menus over userpic icons, which most people aren't thrilled about having. If you're displeased with this feature, as I was, then you can go to the Viewing Options, turn it off, and voilà! Problem is solved.

II. Why is it that the House fandom mainly attracts the most amount of trolls and immature twats? It's just too weird.

III. Since it's been announced on the official website and other sources, Medium will be premiering it's third season on Wednesdays, starting November 15th. This is primarily due to the new series, Kidnapped, which has been doing poorly, has been moved to Saturdays. Thankfully, NBC had taken the wise decision of allowing Medium to be boosted up in its season three premiere date, as it was originally supposed to have been midseason sometime in January. This is fantastic news to hear! All my shows are returning! All there is now is Psych, which will be returning midseason.

IV. Very interesting. I spotted the Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) on Poirot earlier today, in the episode "One, Two, Buckle My Shoe". It's funny because I've seen that episode numerous of times, and I just realized it was him. Huh.

V. All new Heroes tomorrow. Yay!
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