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I Command You, Shake That Money-Maker!

I'd like to give much gratitude and thanks to those who gave their birthday wishes to me yesterday. This entire week I've been semi-stressing over college work, since I've been preparing myself to give a presentation, assignments to finish along with studying for exams. It was such a wonderful thing to wake up to on a Monday morning, considering that I hadn't mentioned it prior. So thank you, everyone.

In other news, I just recently watched the full-length trailer of Marie Antoinette, starring Kristen Dunst. I know there's been some conflicting opinions about the mixture of that specific time period and somewhat altering and modernizing the elements, however I'm quite looking forward to the film. True, it's not a documentary-like era film that we've been familiar with. It's supposedly based upon The Hidden Diary of Marie Antoinette, in which there are details describing the sudden change with placing a young girl in a position that she was entirely unprepared for. It may not be as sophisicated or politically/historically accurate as some other historical films have been, but I see this as a stylish interpretation meant to be fun, interesting, and overall unique in telling the story of the Queen of France not intended to be completely serious at all.

So yeah, there is my thoughts on that. Plus, the costumes and settings are simply gorgeous.

Here's my simple, and very brief, reaction from last night's Heroes: Holy. Fuck. Can this show get any better with the suspense and character developments and discoveries? Claire was amazing and rocked hardcore in the end (I want to hug the girl, poor thing). Niki is just awesome all-around, and I love her evil alter ego going all badass on that thuggish asshole. Terminator!Hiro from the future was TOO COOL for words. Peter is such a cutie. Mohinder, dude, love you to bits but if you didn't believe in your father's work why did you pursue Nathan in a public place about being in danger? Anyway, Claire's father still of the creepy, the black dude still mysteriously evil.

So, um, conclusion? Love this show! Waiting until next week is going to kill me. But then again, I say that after every episode. Heh. Yeah, that was just a tad over the brief reaction, but still. I'll hopefully have a fuller description and review somewhere after this week, along with the other episodic reviews that I still have to write up.
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