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Heroes: "Genesis" Episode Review

Finally, I have written a thorough and lengthy review for the pilot episode of Heroes, and will be doing so for the other episodes as it continues on with the season.

The Premise: There Are Heroes Among Us...

In the start of this fabulous new series, we have a voiceover explaining some phenomenon of human abilities; some people have them, and are discovering them daily which may lead to something greater than anything we could've ever imagined. The opening scene reveals a young man standing on a ledge of a rooftop, and he starts to fall. The camera goes into his perspective as we're presuming he's flying. Suddenly, the young man, named Peter, wakes abruptly inside what looks to be a hospital-like room. This is our first introduction of one of the people who are experiencing signs of what lies within their powers. Peter has been dreaming and experiencing moments where he believes he can literally fly.

We're then transmitted to India where a professor, Mohinder Suresh, is lecturing about the abilities of the human mind. Coinciding with the entire show plot, giving us a general setup of who this man is. Mohinder receives notice that his father has died, in which he believes he was murdered because of his research on human genetics. It seems that Mohinder's father had pinpointed where the people with extraordinary abilities would be located at, and someone didn't want him to continue further. Mohinder is almost captured himself when returning to his father's apartment, but instead decides to go to New York and find out as much as possible of his father's research and see if he can finish what he started.

Over the hour we're introduced to more of the people who are awakening and being aware of their special abilities. We have Claire, a blonde high school cheerleader who extraordinarily heals rapidly after many deathtifying accidents and incidents, providing the evidence that she is invincible. Hiro is a business clerk in Japan, who is discovering and testing his amazing gift of manipulating time and space. Isaac is an artist and drug addict, although seems to have premonitions while high off of heroin and paints what he foresees in the future, which really scare him since he doesn't remember painting them until those images become a reality days/weeks/months later. In Las Vegas, Niki Sanders is a single mother who is frightened by the feeling that she's being watched all the time, soon realizing that she has an alter ego that she only sees in the mirror; an opposite of her personality, to say the least.

In the height of their personal discovery, a solar eclipse is about to happen that very day. It all seems pretty clear that they're meant for a bigger purpose, and saving the world may just be the spec of things to come for them. Not only that, but every single one of these individuals seems to have a connection to each other, and a nemesis closer than they'd expect.

The Characters: Who Wants To Be A Superhero?

Mohinder Suresh, professor and taxi driver. He is not one of those gifted with superhuman abilities, but from the information gathered thus far he is possibly the key to connecting these people together. His father had been an eccentric professor that had been researching human genetics, and probably more than that, and finding a remarkable discovery of people from all over the world having acquired abilities. Not much is revealed about the hows and whys, but once finding out his father had died Mohinder has vowed to finish what his father had started, and to find out what truly happened. This gives the show a stronger backbone considering a mysterious and ominous man is hunting Mohinder down for the research documents his father had left behind, and raises questions to what was researched, what did Mohinder's father find out that was critical and why on Earth was he found dead (or murdered)? Case in point, I really like Mohinder. His enthusiasm and passion while talking during the lecture gave away his knowledge he'd possessed from his father, even though he's admitted he didn't and wasn't really convinced of his father's ideas until just recently. He's a very interesting character, and I'd like to see where everything goes from here.

Claire Bennet, the Invulnerable Cheerleader. Blonde, cute, tiny and petite, you'd expect nothing more or less than chitchats about boys and typical teenage problems from a high school cheerleader. Well, Claire Bennet is nothing like your average teenaged girl. Claire has the amazing abnormal ability of super-healing, making her invulnerable and invincible to anything she comes across; she jumped off a bridge unharmed, and ran directly in the middle of a blazing fire without so much as a single burn on her delicate skin. However, she's mostly nonchalant about her ability, giving off the impression that she'd had it for longer than the others and just, doesn't want it.

I really like Claire because she's just a normal girl dealing with something beyond her control. When she said to her mother that she "walked through fire" her mother took that statement as a metaphor of teen life. In context we know that is not true, however in hindsight it actually is. Claire is balancing a normal life and protecting her secret all at once. Unlike others out there in fandom, I like her gift. Although it's going to be interesting considering her "father" is the main antagonist, and I'm wondering about her real birth parents....and if there is actually some sort of connection with her power and them.....

Isaac Mendez, Heroin Addict Prophet. Artist, a painter. Introduced as a heroin addict and can only paint the future when he is high. The unfortunate thing is that he cannot remember ever painting them until the event actually happens. So this leads him to go a little crazy and somewhat confused about what's happening to him. Though when he retells this to his girlfriend, Simone, she does not believe him. She thinks that he's literally going crazy from abusing his drug use, becoming more and more delusional. I really don't like Simone that much because of that. Isaac is also interesting, although I'm wondering if there'll be more of an alternative to having him paint the future without overdosing.

Niki Sanders, Woman with the Split Personality. Upfront, I'm going to say that I really love this character. Niki is a single mother, living in Las Vegas and making money by being a CamGirl on the Internet/chatroom. She is clearly doing this to having a living, providing the proper necessities and needs for her son, Micah, including getting him into a private school. It's also noted that she'd made some bad choices in the past, and is making up for it however still being dragged down by those certain choices by paying "debts". Whatever she was involved with, the mob or some higher crime-scale that her so-called criminal husband had been dealing with, in the pilot we sense that she's paranoid over being found by two thugs --- along with a mysterious force she feels is watching her wherever she goes. She is right, because it seems that Niki has an alter ego/split personality of sorts. Looking into a mirror, she sees her reflection but it's not her that she's seeing; it's the identical "other her" that's staring right back. Nearing the end of the episode it is obvious she had a blackout period, supposedly when her alterself took over and killed the thugs that had beaten/threatened her.

Niki's storyline is what captivated me the most, next to Claire's of course. It's confusing but nevertheless highly intriguing and leaves me to question how this can be dealt with in saving the world, and how everything plays out when meeting the other "heroes".

Peter Petrelli, the Flyboy. Peter is quite of the fluffy cuteness, because of his enthusiasm of discovering the possibility of his gift of flying, as he believes he can not only fly but levitate. His occupation is being a medical nurse, and is caring for Simone's father that's seen in the pilot episode. But he's having repeated dreams of flying, and believes he can truly fly after witnessing himself levitate for a split second. But when he relays this discovery to his older brother, Nathan Petrelli, he's not interested or convinced of such a thing. Of course, Nathan is in the political and business world, thinking of only his reputation because he's running as congressman. It's made clear that Peter is the less dominate of that particular sibling relationship, and more understanding of human emotions. Though after unintentionally meeting Mohinder in a taxi, everything became clear that he was made for something bigger than he ever realized. Something that all our introduced heroes will find out in due time. Peter has this soft-spoken personality about him, but such dedication to finding out more of what his abiliities can accomplish. Unless his older brother ruins the fun of it, that is.

Hiro Nakamura, the Time Lord. Hee. Ah, what can I say about Hiro that hasn't already been said by others? Basically, Hiro is an office worker at a company he works for in Japan that is not unfamiliar with the unusual and the unexplainable. After manipulating time, but going back one minute, he is overexcited and cheers with glee ("Yatta!") and rushes to tell his friend about his accomplishment, which in return his friend is unconvinced. Completely enthusiastic and utterly cute while coming to his conclusions, it is made apparent that Hiro has that geek-esque quality that makes him not repell his gift, but embrace it. He is often seen referencing comic books, Star Trek and is a fan of anime/manga series (including Jojo's Bizarre Adventure). He knows he has a deeper purpose with his extraordinary ability, though right at this moment he is treating it like an exciting fictional adventure rather than something completely serious, but I have a feeling that's all going to change as it all continues ---- as we'll witness in episode 1.04.

Like the majority of people in the Heroes fandom, Hiro quickly became a favorite because of his giddiness and just adorable personality from the first scene we're introduced to him. It's been noted that his character is somewhat stereotypical of the Japanese, which could possibly be true, however I'm not that worried over that. It's made up for his complete adorableness. Heh.

The Things I Love About This Show

¤ The abilities some of the characters have. Like Claire's invulnerability/incredible healing power, the alter ego from Niki and Hiro's time manipulation and teleporting (that's so going to be crossed over with Doctor Who, I just know it!) There are people who are grossed out by some, and I'm just thinking to myself "um, and you all thought some powers would be perfect and neat? Some are quite bizarre, people!" That's what I like about them though, the unpredictable effects of those powers.

¤ The marketing of the show in general. I remember watching those little previews in promoting the series months before it had premiered, and it definitely caught my eye. Clever way of marketing, I think.

¤ Everything intentionally underlining the comic book feel, without things becoming campy.

¤ Timing is everything, and the pacing of the show is perfect and keeps one intrigued without getting bored. Not only that, but the time shifting from one character to another, and as we'll see in future episodes as each character will cross each other's path or meeting one another without realizing how connected they truly are.

¤ Mysteries. The creepifying thing is the main antagonist, and what Mohinder finds with his father's research, the linking together again keeps the audience enthralled and constantly questioning what is happening.

¤ The connection with Claire and the rest of the "heroes"; I have a feeling that they are all going to team up to save not only the world, but something will be life-threatening to Claire as well. As I'm writing this I'm already ahead with seeing the other episodes but with her father (a.k.a. Evil Horn-Rimmed Glasses Man) there's bound to be something more.

¤ Um, the ending of the pilot with Hiro? So cute. And Peter flying, and discovering that Nathan can fly too? That was just awesome, like whoa.

¤ One word: "Yatta!"

Overall Reaction: I love this show. This pilot got me hooked immediately, and as far as the other episodes go, which I will write reviews for, it's only going to get better and better as the first season continues. There's a connection and feeling for the characters, the developments and discoveries of their powers, and the overall plotline to how they will save the world together when they all meet up for the first time.
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