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Heroes: "Hiros" Mini-Review

Another great episode does much justice. Characters coming together, some not realizing how vital it is of their encounters, and revelations of their powers and what their mission is when they do all join together to save Claire, and save the world.

I'm sketchy about Claire's father. Apparently he's the bad guy, however his little "pep talk" in the hospital room with the quarterback was almost priceless that I actually cheered him on. Though who wouldn't at that point? Evil as he is, at this moment he's trying to keep Claire safe. Although I'm wondering why, and what possible motive he has since she's the main priority for him. No, I have not read spoilers for future episodes. I just know what I've seen in previews and the vague descriptions in the episode synopsises. I'm also wondering about the lackey of our main nemesis, and what he really does. Erase memories? Creepy.

Hiro is, again, too adorable. Still loving the Terminator!Hiro from the future, wielding one bitching katana. His message to Peter, and Peter connecting the dots. Much love for that. Oh, and Hiro with the "waffles" part? Too cute.

Adoring Peter, too. Especially his now revealed ability of absorbing the powers of others around him, much like Rogue in X-Men without the dangerous effects. That entire scene with Issac was superb, with his eyes glowing smoky white and being in a trancelike state. Issac's expression was great, too. Overall, the artwork used for the comic-like paintings are phenomenal.

Simone wasn't in this episode, which I'm fortunate of. I'm wondering what her reaction will be when she finds out that both Isaac and Peter believe in painting the future, and saving the world. She'll think they're batshit insane, obviously. But I'm waiting for that moment, that one shining moment, that either Isaac or Peter or someone else shows her that what they're saying is true. Or she'll wind up dead, which will provide more motive for both to avenger her death by beating the Big Bads. Again, I haven't read spoilers; it's just a theory.

Poor Matt. Loves his wife, tries to make good, but things always end up going wrong and he starts going crazy. Well, hearing people's thoughts will tend to do that to you.

Love Niki, love the fact that she's trying to figure things out. Though next week's episode is going to be quite interesting, with her meeting her other half. And her criminally-committed husband we'll all recognize as Forrest from the Initative of the fourth season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, in case anyone wants a little piece of triva.

That ending, with Peter following the future!Hiro's orders about the phone call --- what a way to end an episode! I was like, "What?! No, no, no, it can't end there! Give us more, gorrammit!" But alas, I'll have to wait one more week until the next episode.

I am loving the ultimate tagline: Save the cheerleader, save the world.
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