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"Remember to believe in magic....or I'll kill you."

So, it's Daylight Savings Time by going back an hour. It's a fortunate thing because now I can sleep an extra hour before class starts, although I doubt I will because my sleep schedule is on the Automatic Mode that just wakes me up just at sunrise. Also, it's freaking cold outside, which means our weather has finally gone to autumn changes. Plus it's middle of the semester, and just got a notice for the dates where I can choose my class schedule for the spring semester before all the spots are taken. Oh, how quickly does time pass.

BSG 3.05 - "Collaborators"
Damn, they certainly are some hardcore and malicious sonofabitches, aren't they? Of course, I can understand the frustration of humans collaborating with the Cylons but still, throwing people out the airlock for their sins against humanity? Somehow I keep thinking about when that happened in Firefly, Mal threatening to throw Jayne out the airlock, however that was handled with a little bit more restraint and, almost like an interrigation of sorts rather than an actual death sentence. So basically, the now-former president and some of the choosen "jury" of Galactica made their point of "if you collaborate and join with the Cylons and their plans, the sentence is automatic death".

Thank goodness Roslin was reelected into presidency. And Adama, I loved that he was the first to stand up and applaud after her speech. That was heartfelt and lovely, I thought.

I still don't like Cally. I mean she's pretty and all, and yes I wanted her to escape like everybody else, but she shot Sharon. That's just not forgiveable to me, especially since she has a deep loathing for her and actually threatened to do it again when Sharon was trying to help Cally after realizing she'd been placed in detention. So yeah.

Gaius. Ah, Gaius. Living with the Cylons. Though, Caprica-Six is actually rethinking her love for him? Somehow I doubt that; she's probably questioning her emotions and whether they are guiding her in the right direction as she was saying, but I don't think she'll outright decide not to love him. And yeah, Gaius, you should've said that you needed her first. Although how awesome was his dream, where the infamous "Don't make me angry", and dream!Adama saying, "You wouldn't like her when she's angry"? Oh, and Roslin kissing Gaius? I don't know whether to be amused or disturbed. Three was pretty in that white dress, as was Six.

Once again, poor Kara. She's so mindfrakked with what happened to her on New Caprica that she's willing to lash out at anybody, even if it means risking her marriage.

This is just the thing that I ultimately love about this show, there's so many grey areas. There's just no reliability on either side; I want humanity to survive and find Earth and yet, at the same time, I'm a supporter for the Cylons. Both sides have their strengths and weaknesses, their likeabilities and flaws. In this episode I wasn't liking how the people on Galactica handled the collaborators with the death by airlock punishment, and yet I can understand their frustration. But I'm kind of wondering if they can comprehend how powerful and dominating the Cylons were on New Caprica, that even trying to go against them will not be effective enough than what happened in the last episode. Perhaps those that collaborated were trying to format a plan to overpower the Cylons when given the chance. It's really a mindwhirl of a thing, because I can understand their reasoning yet not really comprehend it all at once.

Though no Sharon in this episode, so I was sad about that.

This season is going to be awesome, and with the previews of them finding Earth --- and the Cylons wanting to take over Earth as their new home. Along with the suspicion of Gaius being a Cylon, which has been speculated and played with since the beginning. Much love for this show, seriously.

Now for something completely different.

Okay, so even though Disney Channel is practically no longer my interest anymore aside from a couple of things, I did sit and watch Return to Halloweentown, the fourth installment of the movie series since I remember watching the original a long time ago and loved it. Needless to say, my predictions to this being horrific came true. Typically, it's Disney Channel for crying out loud, hardly do they ever have anything worthwhile watching anymore aside from a rare good ones scattered here and there. Therefore, I must rant.

The first thing that really got under my skin was the casting change of Marnie Cromwell; Kimberly J. Brown originally played Marnie for the first three editions, and was replaced with Sara Paxton due to filming conflictions. I was bugged about this, but I tried to be optimistic and give this new actress a chance. Unfortunately, my hopes backfired as soon as she appeared on the television screen. She was horrible, and it felt as though some stranger was impersonating Marnie. Badly. Another thing that bothered me was her way of speech, because she ended up talking the same way Alexis Bledel does (and looks almost like her, too). So in my mind, it turned into a "Rory Gilmore Goes to Halloweentown" kind of movie, only without the witticisms and sharpness. It also seemed like a horrible crossover between Mean Girls and Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and that's not a good combination when Disney's involved. There's also the lack of charisma and chemistry between the new!Marnie and the rest of the characters, which is on the partial blame of the writing and story. There's nothing of continuity from the previous films, which was highly disappointing.

There was no Sophie even though she was mentioned offscreen, there was no Aggie even though she appeared here and there but not in the corporeal form, the relationship between Marnie and her mother was not in context of her previous relationship and growth in the other movies, the fact that they treated college university like high school peeved me, Marnie acted like an immature whiny child the entire time (her constant "I'm 18 now, I can do whatever I want!" attitude was SO out of character), chemistry lacked between characters, the budding romance between her and Ethan (which that pairing is completely unrelated to the other movies, might I add as the actor is a sockpuppet of Disney fame) was underdeveloped and blah, not to mention Marnie was better off with Cody from the third movie anyway. There are just so many inconsistencies and flaws, that I felt Return to Halloweentown officially Jumped The Shark because it was so bad. Which is to be expected, because this is Disney we're talking about.

The only good thing about this movie was the fact that Dylan played a larger role, which I have no complaints about whatsoever. Other than that, it was a huge letdown.

Truth is, the later sequels are beginning to dwindle away from actual storylines that make sense. The first Halloweentown was just excellent and I loved it from the beginning, and Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge had that continuity that connected to the first which would've made sense to those familiar to the first, and had great suspense that measured nicely. However, the third movie and second sequel, Halloweentown High, I felt was completely filler and had nothing to complete the storyline to the first two movies. The fourth addition had an interesting plotline that would've worked out well, if only they had Kimberly J. Brown (or a decent actress who could actually act her way out of a paper bag) and better writing. The latest was just a horrible letdown --- and I think everyone who liked the original movie agrees as well. Plus, there's a three-year pattern between the other movies. This one had only two years difference, so indeed the story felt rushed. And if they had waited one more year, I'd bet Kimberly would've returned and made this sequel MUCH better. Maybe not significantly, but more tolerable without thinking of a ditzy wannabe!Marnie.

Probably I'm going overboard with my disappointment, since it really is a Disney Channel production that isn't meant to be phenomenal, it I really need to let it out because the actress change? Not a good thing. It's like having Veronica Mars without Kristen Bell, or Buffy the Vampire Slayer without Sarah Michelle Gellar. It just doesn't work. Hopefully if rumors are true about a fifth and final movie, with the return of Kal, Kimberly will return as well in the role of Marnie. But the difference between Sara and Kimberly I found was that Kimberly has more acting range and is versatile in her roles, whereas Sara had none from what I've seen. Originally I gave Sara a chance, since I saw her in an episode of CSI: Miami and she did an okay job, but she wasn't Marnie. Sorry, but Kimberly owns as the character of Marnie, and nobody can replace her. She created and molded that character from the beginning, so replacing her was the biggest (and sorriest) mistake they could've ever made.

Though on the upside, the ending was nice and abrupt. I seriously want a Dylan-centric plotline, or subplot in whatever future projects are to come. Just more Dylan in general, really.

I'm excited for Heroes tomorrow, since there's some more mysteries. Yay. I also have some speculations about characters and the overall mission, but that'll have to come a little later.
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