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Three Daily Shinys.

1. To those that celebrated it, I hope everyone had a safe, fun and exciting Halloween (or for religious folks, had a great Samhain). Uneventful as things had been here on All Hallows Eve, the college atmosphere did have several people dressed for the occasion, some professors included. So, it was interesting identifying the costumes some folks chose to wear. And yes, this week also begins the month of November, and already I'm seeing Christmas commercials (hell, even before Halloween I was seeing merchandise-related commercials and stores preparing for the Christmas season).

2. Finally, a JJ-centric episode. Not only do I love AJ Cook, but her portrayal of the BAU's liason is outstanding and very cool. JJ, while important to the team, doesn't really get to be involved as much as the others have been in the past. Though this episode made it sound as though she gets more screentime and more, well, revealed information about her personal life. We're somewhat informed that she had been part of a soccor championship while in her younger days, which allowed her to get a scholarship and move out from her small town. Other than that, the connection basically was to intertwine with the storyline of the episode. So, it lacked the actual "let's have JJ have her own episode" thing like others have had, though it was nice to see more JJ screentime. Because as much as I love the team, JJ rocks.

But the episode itself was quite interesting, and very terrifying. Yet again, Criminal Minds stirs up another psychological mindtrip of capabilities human beings have. Someone kidnaps three best friends and locks them up inside a small underground room, given no food or water. The girls in the beginning are willing to fight to survive, however the unknown man gives them an optional task: two of them would be allowed to go free, if only they choose one of them to die as sacrifice for their survival. This literally turns the girls against each other, and the parents as well. It's all mind games, is all. This really tests who your real friends are, which is really frightening when taken to the limit as it had gotten with this episode.

More with JJ, which is awesome because I really like JJ. But I'm still saddened that Elle left the show. I loved Elle! Ah well, she was great on the BAU team nevertheless. Wonder who the new member will be, then. Anyway, still love this show.

3. Watching CSI, with Alan Tudyk playing a pedophile. Such acting range abilities, and I love that.
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