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Fandomosity: NaNoWriMo, Jossverse (BtVS, Morena Baccarin), Universal

Oy, happy 3rd of November! Hopefully is had a nice and festive week, what with the celebration of Halloween and such. Which only gives us two months before the year 2007, which is frightening considering how this entire year blew by so quickly. Anyway, in case some people have been living underneath a rock recently, the National Novel Writing Month officially started up this week. Personally, I am not signing myself up this year (too much college work as it is), however good luck to those already signed up!

-♠- Welcome to the Hellmouth: There's some updates on what's to be expected for the Buffy Season 8 comic book, which can be seen and read right here. Includes a fantastic colored drawing of the characters along with some small detailed information of what's to come. Small, but interesting.

-♠- Can't Stop The Viral Marketing...Or Maybe You Can: Apparently, there's been and uproar outbreak of legal actions amongst the Firefly fanbase community. Specifically speaking, Universal is now taking action against viral marketing by fans from distributing unauthorized fanmade products, which basically backlashes to their original statement of encouragement for fans to participate in marketing for the Serenity film. Basically, 11th Hour has been notified to shut down their website from selling and distributing fanmade merchandise of unauthorized Universal Property and pay a retroactive licensing fee; there's also threat of taking it to federal court for copyright infringement. I completely understand the copyrighted property underneath the law and they have the right to do so, though it's very complicated considering some fans feel cheated by Universal. I somewhat agree, because now it's being said that Universal is saying they have rights to the word "Serenity" if it's written in Chinese. I have no idea if that's been confirmed, but it does seem their "rights to studio property" is going too gorram far. It's ridiculous, to say the least.

But in any case, Joss Whedon has the calming words of Buddha about the entire situation: "You can also call it "the fact that people are taking it to their hearts." It's no different than fan fiction or any of these online communities. It's important to them and they wear it -- and that makes me proud. And I don't give a good goddamn who's makin' money off it." (taken from SlashDot Joss Whedon interview, scroll down to read his full opinion.)

-♠- How I Met Your Registered Companion: For those of you out there who watch How I Met Your Mother, it seems that the lovely Morena Baccarin will be guest-starring on a brand new episode, airing the 6th of November. Pure awesomeness!

-♠- Slayer Versus P.I.?: Which one of the two sassiest blondes would YOU choose to live with? Between Buffy Summers or Veronica Mars, I'd definitely choose Veronica. Hands down. Buffy does have superhuman strength and kicks the undead's ass, however for real life situations Veronica seems to have the snark and street smarts for everyday happenings. Plus, she's uber adorable and I could hang out with Keith Mars. *glees*
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