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BSG: "Torn, Part 1" Episode Review

BSG - 3.06 - "Torn, Part 1"

Man, both Kara and Tigh are frakked up from their experiences on New Caprica. There's some part of me that really wants them to just get over that and move on with their lives (since they're alive and well, as are the others that survived the escape off of the Cylon-occupied New Caprica). However, I feel for them too. Tigh, while loving his wife she did collaborate with the Cylons, and killed her for that to save what's left of humanity. Kara, for being completely mindfrakked by Leoben, including believing she had a half-human/half-Cylon hybrid child. One cannot blame them either, as they have valid reasons for being bitter --- their drinking seemed senseless, though. Like war buddies using alcohol to drown theirs sorrows of what they lost, bringing the depression down with everybody else.

Thank God for Adama stepping in, is all I'm saying. Him pushing Kara over in her chair was shocking, but I agree she's changed from her earlier years (still saddened that she cut her hair again, because I liked the long hair. Really, I did.) Things have taken place, and neither she or Tigh will ever be the same unless they shape up their acts.

Speaking of which, yay no more fat!Lee.

Hmm, Gaius being a Cylon. That theory has been played with since the beginning of the series. It's really a mindwhirl, and the mind transportation thing actually makes sense; though I'm still wondering how internal-Six ended up in Gaius' mind (that beginning scene, with Six at the beach and Gaius with her, that was beautiful. The glaring light from the water, making as though they were speaking but weren't at the same time, that was just great simple effects.) Caprica-Six is actually standing on her own feet, not really being affected by Gaius any longer then she had been before. Which I still think she loves Gaius however, being on the ships she cannot cloud her judgement after all they'd been through. I think she had to prove to the others that having Gaius aboard their ships will not have any influence on her decisions with the rest of them. I just hope she and Gaius have a makeup session later. Though after what she knows about what he discovered after being transported to the infected Cylon ship, I think there's to be more stern talking than making up.

Though there was a Six on that infected ship with brunette hair? Am I correct? Huh, interesting.

I'm curious however, if Caprica-Six still has the Gaius instead her head just like Gaius has the Six in his. So far we've only seen Gaius having those subconscious conversations with that Six, I'm wondering if the snarky!Gaius still exists with Caprica-Six too, and if we'll ever see him again. Because that Gaius was fun.

I was completely spoiled, intentionally because I'm curiouser than cat, about Sharon's flying nickname, which I find that "Athena" is quite fitting. Considering that she did help find the Tomb of Athena on the planet Kobol in season 2. Being a Cylon, she is very committed to her love of humans and her love with her husband (*squee*!) Helo. I'm just glad that there's some on Galactica that have made Sharon one of their own rather than calling her a toaster, as she has proven herself to them. Plus, Adama trusts her completely now, and that's heartfelt coming from him.

Though I'm wondering how everything will be once Sharon finds out about what they did to Hera, and why Adama kept that a secret from her. I'm just waiting for that bombshell to crash and burn.

They found the path to Earth! Oh, I love the mythology mixed with religion of both the humans and the Cylons. Sharon's last words were of stunned astonishment as she's probably recalling something from the Cylon scriptures about God's vengeance. That was a beautiful moment, scary since the Cylons now want to take control of Earth, but the "to be continued" I was like "NOO!". I can't wait until next week, that's torture!

I liked the cinematography in this one, particularly on the Cylon ship. But I'm still waiting for another mindfrakking action-adventure episode, like with "Exodus, Part 2". I don't think anything will top that episode, really. These latest ones have been more characters dwelling in their own sorrows of what happened rather than discovering more about things, although the disease that could wipe out the entire Cylon race, without being downloaded into a newer body, is quite twisted in storyline. And true, because if all Cylons share the same biological gene that makes them the copies they are, the Cylons have a severe fear after all. Permanent death without resurrection. Although if the humans do this, what will happen to the Cylons (the two Sharons and Six especially) who connect with humans, and know the love of humanity?

Again, this show brings out the grey-areas on both sides, I like humanity to survive and yet I want the Cylons to survive too, because the characters are so compelling and interesting. For the record, I am more fond of Cylons than humans at this point; I'm totally pro-Cylon, despite how radical their views may be at times. This should be interesting as the season goes on.
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