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So, the tables have turned the frak over. Huzzah.

Many things have happened this week. Aside from the minimal LJ downtime over the weekend (not necessarily dramatic as the Big Blackout of 2004), commotion has been happening all over the worldwide news. First is the announcement that Saddam Hussein will be sentenced to death by hanging for his crimes against humanity. The next huge event was the 2006 midterm elections yesterday in the United States in which yes, the ending results came back with the Democrats taking the house. Also, funnily enough, Britney Spears had finally filed for divorce from Kevin Federline yesterday. I shall say this, good for Britney and halleluiah! The downside though, is that I'm still saddened over the Reese/Ryan breakoff.

Okay, so I accidentally caved and took a peek at the promotional pictures and watched the one-minute preview for the next episode of Battlestar Galactica. So, after watching the small preview clip with some of Galactica's people investigating the infected Cylon baseship, Sharon does see or receive a message when she placed her hands on the information device. Either she finds out that Hera is truly alive and is with the Cylons, or she also gets infected with whatever indistinguishable disease. I'm seriously crossing my fingers that she discovers that Hera is alive, because I don't want to see Sharon get infected. But judging from what the humans are thinking about doing once realizing that Cylons can be killed off for good without resurrection, it may cause some different reactions from those who have befriended or made alliances with certain humanoid-Cylons. This should be interesting to see, because so far we've seen the humans versus Cylons. Now we'll see the splitting of humans versus humans over whether to destroy the Cylons forever. God, I love this frakking show and its many gray areas.

Also, taking a glance over at BSG Media Gallery I noticed several new episodic promos that indicate that Gaius is to be tortured, something on the infected ship disturbs Sharon (please don't let it be life-threatening BSG peoples, please...), and Kara confronts an unknown person, a person whom I believe to be Leoben. And from the future episode, "Hero", someone is downloaded and reborn. I think it's Number Three, but I can't be certain.
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