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So Say We All.

Continuing from where Galactica finds a baseship on their exact location of finding the pathway to Earth, some go to investigate the apparently abandoned and deserted Cylon baseship. Almost looking like a Cylon Raider garden to get to that huge baseship. Once inside, they discover dozens of dead humanoid-Cylons, or close to being dead. This leads to concern over the discovered mysterious disease infecting the Cylons, and the argument over whether the humans could use this opportunity to wipe out the entire Cylon race for good.

I was particularly petrified for Sharon, a.k.a. Athena, once she placed her hand onto the computer activator. Hell, even once she boarded the baseship I was telling her to go back. But I knew something was going to happen, either she was to find out Hera was alive or she was supposedly infected with whatever disease. I thought it strange that another Eight told her that she was a traitor, and yet telling her to get out and save herself while she still could (could you imagine, another you telling yourself that you're a traitor? Mindwhirling, but that's the life of the Cylons since they are many copies). But it actually makes sense in terms of the belief system of the Cylons. Hardcore as they are, they have sensitivity towards their own kind. Poor Sharon, though. First betraying her own people, still being blindsided for being a Cylon on Galactica, having Hera being taken away from her, and now threatened with a deadly virus that could potentially kill her entire race? That's a handful to handle. But she is strong, so I was really crossing my fingers throughout the episode.

I love Helo, but some of the things he mentioned happened to be not that correct, even though he was heading in the right direction of compromise. The Cylons weren't necessarily trying to live in peace with the humans on New Caprica, that was only the faithful idea of Caprica-Six and Boomer after making an alliance together to have both Cylon and humans live in harmony together. However not all Cylons believed that, and tried to dominate over the human race, resulting the manipulation and torture methods. But, Helo was in the right saying that in destroying the Cylons it would only be sinking down to their level; genocide of an entire race which would lose part of their humanity. Thankfully, Adama also believed this to be true as well.

Apollo, however, didn't. I can understand his part in wanting the fear to disappear, but even when Helo tried to explain his side he still wouldn't hear it. Damn, Apollo is stubborn (like always). But in the end, Helo did something that could've cost him of being a traitor, but Adama had "closed the book" on the situation. Some people aren't happy about that, but I think it was a smart decision. Adama pretty much agreed that Helo was in the right in saying that infecting the Cylons intentionally would only cause them to lose their morality, even if they want to get rid of the Cylons forever. They would just have to find another way to defeat them, if they can.

Besides, it would completely suck of the Cylons were wiped out for good, because I'm still very pro-Cylon.

But yay, Sharon is not infected thanks to the ability of giving birth!

Ah, Gaius being tortured and mindfucked. Literally, there was actual mindfucking from the Six in Gaius's head while he was being tortured. I don't know whether the warning sign before the show started was for the violence from the torturing or the raw mindfucking happening, but either way it was beautiful. Also, do I sense that there could be some kind of love triangle between Gaius, Six and Three? Because while Three was inserting whatever device into his ear, and his responding to the sex happening inside his mind, mumbling in believing and loving, her expression changed from mere confusion to simple admiration as though she'd seen something else from him. Could this be a change from her, or am I just imagining things? Also, from earlier in the episode, does Gaius always wake up naked in that little holding room he has on that Cylon ship? It certainly seems that way. Plus, he should've mentioned the infected becon immediately after discovering it, however that's Gaius for you. Self-preservation are his methods, though none seem to be working as effectively. Caprica-Six, while still having feelings for him, doesn't seem to be reaching out as she once used to. The only help he has now is the Six in his head, guiding him through things.

Still wondering of course, if Earth is the 13th Colony, then who would be the 13th Cylon --- Hera, the first Cylon-human hybrid, or possibly Gaius if what's been speculated since the beginning of the series that he is, in fact, a Cylon?

I really like the pathway clues to finding Earth, like the lion's head nebula and the blinking eye. That's really awesome. But now that Galactica knows that Gaius is working with the Cylons to find Earth, it's either a race of who gets there first or beating the crap out of Gaius once they find him. Or possibly, both.

Let me just say that the music used for the Cylon ships are just beautiful. Especially during "Torn", the piano melodies were gorgeous. But perhaps that's just me, since I saw it fitting perfectly in the atmosphere of the Cylons.

Ugh, those collars used on the infected Cylons brought back on Galactica. So we're back to the dog collars now. Seriously, those were HUGE dog collars used on Simon, with bars and chains and everything; I wanted to say to the television screen, "dudes, he's sick, as in dying. He can barely walk, let alone fight humans!" But alas, humans are very cautious when it comes to the Cylons, even infected ones.

So, basically my TVGuide description lied. It initally said in the synopsis that it was Kara that was assigned to board the infected baseship, find what was infecting the Cylons and discover that Gaius's plan was to lead the Cylons to Earth. No wonder some people are confused on Kara's sudden appearance while flying near the end, and in the context of that description it would've made sense after all she'd been through the last few episodes since escaping New Caprica. But no, it was a "Hi Kara --- Bye Kara!" situation. She went through a post-depressive state, getting angry and drunk, PWND by Adama, cutting her hair and hugging Kacey that suddenly she's back in the air. Huh, some character development there.

But that should be made up for the next episode, considering she gets to interiogate (and possibly beat the crap out of) Leoben, as seen in a promotional picture.

Recently I saw the latest music video by Christina Aguilera, "Hurt". I have to say, I really like the song as well as the video. It's so rare nowadays for storytelling to be taken place in music videos, especially from Top 40 artists, but I think it's making a comeback. This video is heartfelt and the shots are done beautifully, and this actually reminded me of Carnivale the first time I saw it (leaving me now a craving to watch the first season DVDs again). Initially, I didn't really like how she first came out with her Marilyn Monroe-esque look, but after returning to the music scene she's gone into this classic look that really is suiting her nicely. She's matured since her earlier days, and that's nice to see.

It's finally beginning to look like autumn over here. Cloudy and raining, although the bitter cold I could do without. But hey, having a fire burning in the fireplace is such a glorious thing. Yay.
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