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Are you alive?

It's hitting mid-November, and already I'm seeing a mixture of Christmas and New Years commercials and decorations in stores when it hasn't been Thanksgiving yet! I would've at least expected them to do this after Thanksgiving Day. Though I'm not complaining, because seeing and hearing anything Christmas-related feels me with joyful glee, I just continue to think that each year it seems the sales start getting earlier and earlier; gotta please those obsessive consumer people wanting the newest of the new on the very first day. Also getting Christmas shopping done early beats having to do last-minute searching, with all those crazies out there fighting over the last item on the shelf.

Regarding fandom, this casting spoiler for upcoming Heroes episodes has me very pleased. I'm truly excited about this. I'm also highly anticipating next Monday's episode. Like, nail-biting in wait kind of anticipation. Seriously.

Speaking of news that's exploding in fandom, it seems that in the Harry Potter fandom has been limited to only a 10-second preview of the teaser trailer for the fifth film, Order of the Phoenix. Why is this? Because the WB peoples are moronic for not releasing it when it officially hit theaters yesterday (teaser trailer showing before Happy Feet). It's ridiculous that they haven't yet, since there'a already a recorded bootleg on YouTube already and I wonder how long it'll be up before it's taken down. Heh.
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