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BSG: "Hero" Episode Review

Battlestar Galactica - 3.08 - "Hero"

This was a Bill Adama-centric episode, thank goodness. More of a revelation of angst than anything, but also a discovery and the plot thickens over the Cylon versus human war that started from the destruction of the Colonies.

So, apparently after a top secret mission from the Admirals something went wrong and instead of helping one of their men (being "Bulldog"), Adama ordered them to fire a missel at the lone viper and jump out from that location. This decision was made to save the human race, to not let the Cylons know their location and for them to not come looking for a war. Unfortunately, that's exactly what happened. Now, after Bulldog escapes from the holding cell the Cylons had him in --- or so he thinks, anyway --- he returns to the Galactica, finds a safe haven away from that place, but only to discover the truth of what really happened that day he almost died and was captured by the Cylons. It was this episode that Adama comes clean that he and others knew there would be a potential attack against the Twelve Colonies, and after Bulldog's return is when everything starts pouring back into place. However, that must've been some freaking weight on his shoulders to carry all those years of knowing that their presence on that very day was what could've triggered the attacks, and almost the extinction of the human race. The Old Man is having it rough, I tell you.

Thankfully, Roslin sets him straight near the end, and that is something I greatly admire about what she said to him. It was a sweet, but firm, speech she gave him and she was right. Anything could've triggered the attacks, and placing all that weight on himself was just unnecessary. What was done was done, and that's the reality. I especially liked Roslin's entire "I'm giving you a frakking medal for your courage and hope to your people and you're going to accept it no matter what" attitude. That was a lovely scene.

Looks like Kara and Tigh are getting along on the same terms. Perhaps not buddy-buddies, but they're both understanding of one another on a certain level. I also liked that Tigh is getting out of his room. He just needed time to sulk and wallow in his sorrows, but I'm glad he's out and making attempt for amends with Adama. Not only that, but saving Adama's life from Bulldog (even though he was the one that told Bulldog the truth of what happened). Seems like the get-even-now-let's-make-up kind of friendship between them now.

Though I'm wondering, why did the Cylons intentionally let Bulldog escape? Just for him to find out the truth and get revenge on Admiral Adama? Or is there something else?

Speaking of the Cylons, while they had minimal scenes I found Three's dream sequences quite intriuging. And was it just my imagination, or was there a threesome going on between Three, Gaius and Caprica-Six? If so, then my predictions of Three finding some sort of admiration for Gaius in the last episode turned out to be correct, in some format. I don't know what happened for her, or Gaius or Caprica-Six for that matter, to agree to such an arrangement. Though, Gaius does have self-preservation on his mind, so he'll do anything to save himself from turning into Cylon dogmeat. Or perhaps was all that just the dreamscape or projection of Three's mind? It's all still confusing for me at the moment. Though, asking the Centurion to shoot her so she could see God, or whatever lies between death and living, and then be downloaded so she could tell everyone else --- that was trippy, like whoa.

I have to say, though, the "retelling" of how Bulldog escaped by knocking out the infected Three --- that was frakking scary and creepifying image, almost like in a zombie movie.

No Sharon this episode, from either copy. Poopie. Not to mention we have a two-week hiatus until the next episode. *woes*

To be completely random with my BSG love, here's a short clip of a Sharon copy practicing Tai Chi during the episode "Torn". It's funny because of Gaius's reaction. Hee. (Also, take note of the beautiful piano music playing. Love it).
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