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"I’m thankful...for the blessings and the lessons"

Happy Thanksgiving!

Finally it's the extended weekend because of the holidays, which means catching up on what's been happening in fandom. Not to mention sleeping in and rejuvenating after these long weeks. Plus, December is just around the corner and that means Christmas season has arrived; tomorrow being Black Friday, it's going to be hell even to attempt to buy groceries. This is why I'm avoiding going out tomorrow, no matter what the circumstances may be.

Criminal Minds 2.10 - "Lessons Learned"

This episode was really intense and powerful, since it really hits hard with the terrorist attacks and the possible threat that there may be others out there plotting America's demise because of their slightly twisted interpretation of the scriptures of their God. It was an overall great plot for this episode; an hour of intensity which I like. Gideon rocked hardcore in this one, proving once again that there is fine acting on this show from everyone. Garcia calling in worry for Morgan was so cute! I almost teared up myself because, aww, they have such amazing chemistry with their playful flirtatious conversations. Morgan's "you won't get rid of me that easily" line was great, because it's true. I also like how JJ is hanging with Garcia (when not dealing with the media) while the others are doing their thing. Garcia and JJ are total BFFs.

Now, about this new chick that entered the scene. I know I shouldn't make judgments or nitpick based on her appearance in only two episodes, but I'm just not feeling the character. I mimick Hotchner's hesitation over this new member. She seems too eager to please and proving that she belongs there, and trying to show off her intelligence too quickly (e.g. attempting to overshadow Reid, since we all know he's the one and only magnificent genius on the team). She's just blah to me right now. I don't know how things are going to play out in future episodes, but so far she's not winning me over.

Although I don't see the reason to add another team member to replace the one they lost, being Elle Greenaway (who will always be missed). Personally, they are fine the way they are without placing an unknown and unfamiliar person with their cases; it's just not necessary or a necessity in my opinion. So, I guess that's my only nitpick about this season.

Medium 3.03 - "Be Kind, Rewind"

Ah, Medium has returned and that fills me with great glee. So, basically this episode was the Groundhog Day episode (or with connection to other fandoms, like Tru Calling in certain ways). Allison gets a chance to have several do-overs of the same day to catch a criminal. However with each rewinded day, the outcome of her decisions are always disastrous no matter how hard she tries to avoid anything horrible from happening. It was hilarious seeing how the repeated day is driving her nearly insane (makes sense, since having a day repeat over and over until Destiny or Fate wants you to do something and you just cannot figure out what that something is). Luckily for Allison, being the medium she is, she's able to figure out the signs with each day. She's able to pick out the clues which continue throughout the days even when things are changed by her decisions.

The car crash scene was abrupt and startled me like whoa, and that scene in the hospital creeped me out. Thank goodness everything worked out in the end, without her getting hurt.

The hilarious scenes include: Brigette continuously asking about what an arraignment meant, Allison going berserk after realizing she was reliving the same day again and telling Ariel to be a "badass" towards the girl that was threatening her, and the continuity over the endorphins conversations throughout the entire episode. It was sweet that after the do-over cycles ended, that Allison and Joe finally was able to get those endorphins running. Hee.

Eee, and Badger returns next week!

Recommendation of the Day: Koda Kumi - Cherry Girl PV. The brand music video from the lovely Kuu-chan; the song is unlike anything I've heard from her before, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. It's a very addictive song, love her vocals, and the PV is pretty to look at.
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