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It's Smile Time!

Recently after discovering the WB’s announcement that they are canceling Angel after this season, I’ve been incredibly infuriated with them greatly. Although, that is no surprise there because the WB has been going downhill with a lot of things lately. And the worst thing about it is that they don’t give any reasonable conclusions to why they are canceling the show, or any explanation at all. All they’ve said was that the show has had lower ratings since its fifth season began, and they have no more time slots for other premiers of other shows they might put up this upcoming fall. Bullshit.

Although I am not at all surprised they want to cancel Angel; they cancelled Buffy, or tried to, when it reached its fifth season until UPN picked it up for two more seasons. I am not sure if that’ll happen with Angel or not, but I strongly dislike WB now and not just for that, but also for other things they’ve done in the past. However, Angel has been getting the same amount of viewers since the previous seasons if not more, from what I can tell, because since Buffy went off the air after its seventh and final season all the Buffy fans have averted back to our favorite vampire with a soul.

Now I am doing whatever possible to keep the show on the air; I am writing to the producers of the show, to the WB themselves and I encourage others who don’t want to lose the show to do the same.

Okay, enough with the ranting – although I believe my argument is relevant in this case.

This one is the best one yet, among all the others that will appear during this season, but this has to be the most hilarious episodes of Angel I’ve seen ever. Angel, our beloved soulful vampire, gets turned into a puppet! A bloody puppet!

How the rest of the cast managed to keep a straight face while Puppet!Angel was flouncing about is beyond me, but I loved the synchronization with David Boreanaz’s voice and the puppet alone, and I highly doubt David would’ve kept it tame if he was really constructing the puppet. But Puppet!Angel was too adorable for words. Whenever they get some actual Angel puppets in stock, and they better if they’re planning on canceling the show, then I am definitely getting one of my own – because I need one, damnit!

And from the previews is what all the fans were waiting for: the little ruff and tumbling fight between the Angel puppet and Spike. Firstly, Spike’s reaction when he sees Angel in puppet form is priceless. Angel, trying desperately to keep his condition on the down low, tries to shoo Spike away from the scene – but because he is Spike he has to say something to push Angel’s buttons.

Spike: Look at you.
Angel: Spike! Just turn around, and walk away.
Spike: You’re a –
Angel: Spike!
Spike: You’re a bloody puppet!
[Outside of Angel’s office; Spike is thrown through the wall and hits the floor, Angel, in puppet form, is attacking him, unsuccessfully. Spike is laughing and rolling on the floor as they fight]
Spike: You’re a wee little puppet man!
[Angel the puppet punches Spike in the face, Spike only laughs harder, and then Angel punches him again and Spike yelps in pain]
Spike: Ow! Hey, that’s enough! (Throws Angel the puppet off and stand up) Angel, what the hell happened to you? You look ridiculous.
Angel: Get out of here, Spike!
Harmony: Oh my god – Angel, you’re a –
Angel: Shut up! What are you all looking at? Well?
Spike: They’re looking at the wee little puppet man.

And, of course, my all time favorite line from that scene is:

Angel: Yes, I’m a puppet. Doesn’t mean you all don’t have work to do!

Ah, yes. Even as a wee little puppet Angel is still in charge of Wolfram & Hart, despite his size and irresistible adorableness.

Aside from that, I really enjoyed the evil puppets from the children’s daytime show called, Smile Time. From the beginning of the episode it looked pretty innocent, but we all know that pure innocence like that always lead up to something bad. They’re funny, disturbing and sadistic all at the same time, and I think I’ve never enjoyed dark backtalking, badmouthed puppets before (except for Crank Yankers). Simply hilarious stuff.

Angel zooming into Fred’s arms is a whole other thing completely; how they managed to do this without bursting into laughter is, once again, beyond me (although I am sure there are outtakes in where Amy and Alexis were cracking up during their interacting scenes with Puppet!Angel. The last confrontation with Angel and the Evil Puppets was far beyond humorous, because Angel vamped out while still a puppet! I was laughing so hard yet thinking, ‘that is so damn cool!’

To conclude the episode, we had a little Angel/Nina ship here. I know many fans do not approve of this new supposed relationship growing between the werewolf girl and our favorite brooding vampire with a soul, and I agree that it should’ve stayed with Angel/Buffy or Angel/Cordy – however those cannot be at this moment. Plus, if Angel ever gets a moment of true happiness or bliss – poof! Out comes Angelus, again. But the ending was cute, though. Puppet Angel is made out of felt – I just love it all!

The overall conclusion of this episode is simple: awesomely amazing, hilarious, amusing and worthwhile of an hours watch. I congratulate all that was involved in that episode, including all the actors that had to endure the Puppet!Angel without cracking up every single second (please let there be outtakes for this, please!). And….I want a Puppet!Angel and a Vampire Puppet!Angel!

This weekend seemed to pass by quickly yet drawl on slowly at the same time. I slept in between noon or 1pm, had a little brunch, check the internet and then go take another nap for about an hour or so. Perhaps this is a result of the amount of sleep, or lack thereof, during the past week. And now this morning I got woken up around 7 in the morning from my sister getting ready to go to her college, and I was beginning to fall right back to sleep when I remembered it wasn't the weekend anymore. This just bummed me out even more. But, fortunately, I don't have to leave until 11:00am anyway (supposed to be around 10:50-10:55, but I calculated about how fast I walk and the pace I walk in to arrive there).

I am going to do two book reports sometime in the next two weeks, each one for our required reading credits that I should pass to get out of my English class to enter something else that I desperately need credits in. I am doing a report on Flowers in the Attic by V.C. Andrews, the book that I am rereading for about the second time around but thought it would be interesting to do a report on something that I need to refreahen my mind with - I know what happens and the plot and all, but details are somewhat hazy. Second book that I am trying to finish reading - switching back and forth between the two - is Kushiel's Dart by Jacqueline Carey.

Only 103 days until PoA!! (or to be more specific, 3 months, 1 week and 3 days left)

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