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There can be only one Highlander!

1. Holiday Love Meme, Secret Santa Style. So, here's my thread. I think this is a wonderful and excellent idea, given it's the holiday season. Plus as the end of the semester and finals are approaching and other hectic things happening around this time of the year for all of us, the appreciation and love is much needed.

2. Because it's December lots of my fandoms are going on a hiatus until the new year, which is somewhat depressing especially when getting into a fandom, but expected. So I'll be anxiously waiting and anticipating the new episodes for those, like Heroes which will be returning in late January. There will be one more episode of Criminal Minds and Medium before the new year, though I hear that Veronica Mars is going to be delayed some months before having new episodes. Oh, and let's not forget the return of Psych! I also have the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show of 2006 that aired on Tuesday to watch, there's always fun with that. But I will be dealing with other things like last-minute holiday preparations and studying for finals while waiting for the return of my shows.

3. Why does LiveJournal continue to make things difficult? The frequent malfunctions are getting ridiculous. *gives death glare*

4. Koda Kumi has another gorgeous commercial that was recently released, not only promoting the GemCerey necklace, but her song from her upcoming album, "Tsuki to Taiyou". The necklace can be seen on the GemCerey official website, and believe me that would be the ultimate present because it is just so damn beautiful, and very elegant.
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