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Trigger Happy Wednesday (for the most part)

Holy frak, LJ changed its posting format for updating. It's all, strangely new and wonked out. I don't know how I'll get used to it, but they need to do somethig with how it's formatted, it's annoying how it's stretched all over the place.

BSG - 3.10 - "Passage"

This episode was bound to have goodness within it, regardless, because it was written by Jane Espenson; those who know Joss Whedon's television series will be familiar with work since she wrote frequently for some very memorable episodes for all of them. She's also a reoccuring writer for BSG, too. This is quite a show to get hooked onto writing for, that's for sure, and this episode didn't disappoint with the Espenson sparkness.

Aboard the Galactica there is a shortage of food supply, and people are getting reckless and nearly paranoid from hunger, tensions are running high particularly with some of the crew members like Kara and Kat who are constantly at each other's throats. The episode focuses on the Kat storyline, who and what she was before she joined into the fleet on Galactica. Apparently, one of the civilians recognizes her, calls her by the name of "Sasha" which immediately catches her attention. Later, after the fourth rounds of traveling through the star cluster and risking radiation to locate for food, Kara confronts this skeezy male civilian that she'd seen Kat conversing with and gets the story out of him. But she wants Kat to tell it to her (and the audience, too). She'd stolen the name Louanne Katraine from a woman who died on Caprica before the Cylon attacks, and she was once a druggie that her male accomplice was her supplier and their occupation was trucking things. Kara accuses that as "moving people", and indicates the possibility that Kat might've been helping the Cylons into the Caprica Capital for the attacks. Kat strongly resents this, but Kara doesn't care and leaves her to dwell in her own self pity. But Kat is determined to prove herself worthy (or at least I believe that was her intention) and goes back out on the fifth and final trip into the star cluster, even though she's positive for possible high radiation poisoning. In the end she does save the day, but because of the poisoning she doesn't have long to live; she and Kara briefly make up and Adama appears to sit with her in Sick Bay. Despite her death, he makes her CAG for her dedication, loyalty and act of heroism amongst the fleet.

Some have said this episode was slightly off, I digress. There was an emotional tie to it, especially towards the end, and thankfully it wasn't a major character that had died. I have never been quite a fan of Kat, but she was an all right character. They gave flashbacks in the previouslies from 2.08 "Final Cut" where she's hyped up on stims; her explanation for that was because she was stressed out, and there was nothing left for her to feel anymore. It's here in this episode that gives more light to that drug addiction from her previous life. Some may have felt that was a way of getting rid of the character, which it could be, but in hindsight it makes sort of sense. Though I have to say, the scenes between Kara and Kat were amazing.

Also, did anyone else catch that in the beginning, referring to Cottle ,"right before I gave him head" as a sarcastic retort to Kat's refusal to bring food to the table? They edited it out, of course, but I saw the small preview on the SciFi website and it was uncensored. This is why I love this show.

I have to say, I was worried about Athena just like Helo was. But hey, if she can survive the virus that infected the Cylons from her antibodies she can survive the radiation cloud. Still, had me scared there for a second.

The Threesome, in the literal sense, between Three, Caprica-Six and Gaius. I LOVE the indication of sexcapades nightly, also having Three and Gaius get along? Another expected yet unexpected moment. I'm curious if Caprica-Six is getting jealous yet with their secrecy. I really am enjoying their subplot concerning the final five Cylons, and Three continuously killing herself and downloading back again just to see their faces. Though I do have a question concerning that: if she can see them, do the other Cylons, between their deaths and downloading, see them too? Or is Three just special in that sense that she's having a self-discovery moment since she now knows what she's looking for?

Overall it was a good episode. But I'm seriously anticipating this week's "season finale" before the new year.

Oh, and in other fandom news, it seems that our little Heroes fandom has grown up in the land of wank! I have to say though, the argument over Zach's sexuality is kind of a moot point, isn't it? In my view, whether it was intended or not given from the hinted clues and statements from the network, I stand by my opinion that he's clearly bisexual. Case closed, now let's move on with speculating about the storylines of the show, shall we?
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