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Fandomosity: Jossverse (Actors), Browncoats, Ayumi Hamasaki

Happy Saturday, 16th of December! Wishing everybody out there a wonderful time during this holiday season, no matter which holiday you celebrate. Also for college students it's the stressful time for finals (or others out there with tests/midterms/exams or what-have-you), and which I wish everyone the best of luck and getting good grades for the semester! I, too, am studying for my final exams that start next week (eek!).

-♠- All Hail, Captain Tightpants: Our favorite Captain of Serenity, Nathan Fillion, has been cast in Tim Minear's new series Drive, which will be airing on the FOX network. Nathan will be played a rogue landscaper who is searching for his abducted wife when he enters an underground race across the country. Great news for Nathan and his fans; it'll be premiering somewhere next year midseason.

-♠- Holy Bloodbath Christmas: For most of us keeping track with film news, Michelle Trachtenberg will be starring in the upcoming movie, Black Christmas. This is a remake of the 1974 horror film of the same name, following the story of a sorority girls being terrorized by an unknown stranger during Christmas break. Since I hadn't seen the original I cannot compare the two, however because of Michelle's appearance, and as seen in the previews her performance, it looks somewhat promising to be an interesting gorefest for Christmas. And, ironically, is being released on Christmas Day.

-♠- Companion In The Heartland: It seems that Nathan Fillion isn't the only Fireflyverse actor getting some work back on television, Morena Baccarin will be co-starring in the medical drama series Heartland, which TNT has just picked up.

-♠- Done The Impossible: If anything is going to be recognized about 2006, it should be the remarkable events that took place after the abruptly cancelled Flanvention convention. As it has been established, the Firefly fans known as Browncoats organized and resurrected the convention into their own, and not only did the replacement go better than the original convention was going to be, but many of the actors showed up as well. Even Michael Muhney (Sheriff Lamb on Veronica Mars) arrived, and writes a praising report about his time at the backup convention, earning himself the honorary title of Big Damn Hero himself. Needless the say, the "Browncoats Backup Bash" will go down in history of faithful fans keeping the dream alive; it was an unfortunate situation that turned itself around into a surprising successful resurrection.

-♠- 1 LOVE, Ayu!: Recently, Ayumi Hamasaki did an interview with CNN TalkAsia, which surprisingly aired in the U.S. (unfortunately I didn't catch it, but downloaded the interview). The interview features more insight about her successful career, promoting of her new alhum "Secret", and just about general things about her life. It's a very rare interview seen with her, and it's splitted between her speaking (very good!) English in some parts while the rest in Japanese (with the Japanese there's the English translation voiceover). So adorable! Here are the links for those wanting to view the interview: Part One, Part Two, Part Three.
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