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It's that time of the season.

Winter officially started today, which also means it's the shortest day of the year. Also indicating that Christmas is almost around the corner, something I can hardly comprehend. Time certainly has gone by quickly, and overall it feels that 2006 just came and went. Or, at least that's my impression anyway.

Battlestar Galactica - 3.11 - "The Eye of Jupiter"

Going directly after the events that took place during "The Passage", several civilians and crew members of Galactica are down on the Algae Planet are gathering what they can for what can be processed for food. While tensions are getting high between the Kara and Lee situation, Chief notices something beyond the hills of the planet and he's mysteriously drawn to it. Eventually he finds himself inside a tomb hidden within the mountain, which could've been left behind from the 13th Tribe. Meanwhile, Galactica gets notified that four Cylon baseships jumped into orbit --- however want to speak with Galactica, regarding the Eye of Jupiter, which in theory going by the human scriptures could lead them to Earth. Since both the humans and Cylons want to find Earth, this could be problematic. And it is, because the Cylons have another alternative plan, as plotted by Number Three/D'Anna Biers. Adama had threatened to nuke the planet if the Cylons try anything, and when the alternative plan is being set into motion, Adama prepares the nuking...leaving the Cylons with uncertainty that he will, indeed, nuke the planet with his people still on it and without the Eye of Jupiter. Also leavinig the audience in wonder too, since this is the mid-season finale until the new year.

Firstly, I don't think Adama will nuke the planet. It seems too easy, and besides there may be something else in his mind (like he could aim at the Cylon baseships, although since there are four of them I doubt that'll happen; like Three mentioned, Galactica's outnumbered). He wouldn't do something like that, especially with Lee and his people on the planet; they've lost too many already. How it's all going to go down, I don't know. The speculation is going to kill me until the second half of the third season premieres.

The secretive Kara/Lee scenes were too frakking good! Even though it's horrible that both are having affairs with each other behind their spouses back, I can't help thinking they look good together. I am for both Lee/Kara and Sam/Kara, as mentioned before, but I don't know which pairing to be rooting for. Can't we just have a threesome, like what Three and Six have with Gaius? Anyway, Kara mentioned that she and Sam got married and she took a vow, and going back on that vow would be disrespecting the Lords, which I kind of understand but her reasoning to have it both ways can be considered cheating, which she technically is but says they aren't (that they're just "bending the rules"). Not to mention that both Dee and Sam know what's going on between them. Hmm, this should be interesting to watch.

Speaking of relationship triangles, there's also the Threesome going on between Three/Gaius/Caprica-Six. This episode pretty much made it clear of the bisexuality present, as well as the alienation of Six from the secretive meetings between Gaius and Three. More concerning over their continuing questions over the final five Cylons and their destinies, rather than sexual intentions. Though it's been evident that Six has been recoiling from Gaius from the beginning of this season, gradually shying away from her passion from him. It seems that she doesn't want to have her emotions control her logical sense of thinking, and now she seems to be getting the short end of the stick, even when she's part of the romantic triangle. Gaius slso seems to talk freely about his suspicion that he may be a Cylon with Three, which seems odd that he would tell her such a thing like that to her and not Six. Perhaps after realizing that she was killing herself and resurrecting over and over again just to see the faces of the Final Five, that revealing his concern about the possibility of being a Cylon might give her more reason to trust him. Gaius, still the blabbering like he always does, is seen quite unstable in the presence of the Galactica people rather than with the Cylons (understandably, he was elected president by them and failed in that position and is considered a traitor of humanity, and he's aware of this fact).

With the Final Five Cylons, someone else made a speculation with the pictures that Three drew of what she could make out from them, and I believe that these drawings have great significance to this Cylon subplot. Besides, the drawing of the man in the top-lefthand corner slightly resembles Gaius, no?

The two Sharon's finally meet! Athena finally gets revealed to her, in a brutally honest way, that Hera is still alive. I've been waiting for this to happen, for her to find out that Roslin planned the entire thing from the beginning. Oh, and that look in her eyes after Adama retold the whole story to her and Helo (considering he was also the last to find out what she'd done with the baby, as well); complete of disbelief and anger. She's trusted to humans aboard Galactica even when they didn't, and she's proven herself to them that she choose to live amongst humanity and abandon her own race. Now I really like Roslin and I half-understand her reasoning for the first human/Cylon hybrid to not be discovered by the other Cylons, she should've trusted Sharon, or at least let her understand the situation at hand.

Also, there's now a difference in appearance between the two Sharons. From the previous seasons the only distingtive thing of telling the two apart in appearance was that they had their hair parted on opposite sides. Athena, while wearing her uniform, has her hair tied back and parted to the left; Boomer's hair is slightly tied back and strands surround her face. Of course, I liked their encounter. It was something I was waiting to happen for, like, ever.

This was another great episode, with one hell of a mid-season cliffhanger (although I still think that Season Two had one of the most grandest cliffhanger of mid-season, disturbing and dramatic as it was). It's going to killing me with the speculation until the second half of the season starts up again.

Concerning over fandom news, the new title of the seventh and final book of Harry Potter series has just been revealed. I'm not particuarly fond of it myself, but I guess it could've been worse. I'm not going to get my panties in a bundle over it, though. Let's just hope the content is better inside then out.
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