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Boom Goes The Dynamite.

So, as to be expected I'm going through slight fandom-withdrawals as the holiday hiatus continues. I've gathered together some theories and speculating thoughts on future episodes of Battlestar Galactica and Heroes, the two main fandoms I'm really anticipating to return in the new year. These theories aren't based on spoilers, just some complied thorough fannish thoughts.

The Final Five of Twelve. After this mystery has finally reached surface this season, I've conjured a little theory about what happened to the final five Cylons: they're living and residing on Earth.

I realize it may be a farfetched and radical speculation, though not far from plausible. We know little to nothing about the possibilities of who these final five humanoid Cylons are and their whereabouts, and neither do the other Cylons. Gaius asked Caprica-Six about them, kind of having his own intentions of wanting to know the possibility that he could be a Cylon agent himself, but she quickly dismisses it as they never discuss about it. The popular belief is that the final five were left behind before the attacks on the Twelve Colonies, or that they were boxed. And recently, Number Three (D'Anna Biers) has been repeatedly killing herself because she believes, between the time of death and before downloading, that she has seen the faces of the final five. After the events that occurred during the mid-season finale, I don't believe it's a mere coincidence that Gaius and Three have allied together, comparing their beliefs of the final five and have a plan to go into the Temple with the Eye of Jupiter, which is the key clue to finding Earth. It could all be connected together; perhaps the final five are trying to reach out to the others through Three, guiding them towards Earth.

The final five residing on Earth could be a possibility for this season, because it's been the mission for the human race since the beginning. Perhaps the unknown Cylons have already found it and are waiting for the rest of their race to find them, and therefore they would finally rule out the human race for good.

The encounter of the Sharons. I've actually been waiting for the two Sharons to meet since the beginning, because both have had personal and emotional experiences with humans which sets them apart from the others. From their encounter aboard Galactica during "The Eye of Jupiter", you could easily tell one from the other since they both have distingtive personalities. Something I don't think would've been possible if they'd met during, say, the first season or even early second season (also proving the amazing acting skills Grace Park has, personally speaking). But there's also something I saw between their interaction which was different of how I envisioned them conversing with each other.

As I suspected, the other Cylons don't see Athena as one of their own anymore, because of her willingness to join with the humans. Though with Boomer, it seemed she was trying to convince Athena about the hidden truth of what the people aboard Galactica were doing to her without being hostile or sarcastic. Telling the truth over her daughter Hera, giving every detail that the humans didn't see her as another member of the crew but as a thing, like almost all humans believe what Cylons are regardless of the good intentions. From Boomer, I can see why she's telling Athena this because of her bitterness since she considered the people on Galactica her family, up until her true nature had been revealed. But I also see this as sort of a sisterly act of telling Athena the truth because she wasn't going to find out any other way; since the Cylons have this sibling love for one another, I think Boomer was trying to let Athena see the truth of the situation instead of living underneath a lie.

On a small note, I like how each Sharons have call signs now to identify which copy we're talking about. Usually it would be Boomer or Caprica-Sharon, or Galactica-Sharon that's now living on Caprica and Caprica-Sharon that's now aboard the Galactica. Really, the call signs are easier.

Claire Bennet, Indescructable Cheerleader on a mission. "Fallout" was practically the most intense episode for Claire, aside from the homecoming that is. Discovering that there's somebody else out there with an incredible ability so she doesn't feel alone, her father revealing that he knew about her secret before she even started experimenting, not to mention knowing that there's somebody out there that wants her power. But there's also the downside to these discoveries, like finding out that those who knew of her secret ability would have no recollection of it, her best friend Zach not remembering their growing friendship due to the memory wipeout, and Claire just fearing for her life. But moreover is that last scene with the Hiatian where he was sent there to erase her memory, but instead wasn't going to and tell her something vitally important. Possibly regarding her father and his true intentions.

With everything Claire's been through and discovered over the course of the series so far, my belief is that whatever the Hiatian told her in confidence will probably be something useful as she discovers more about what her father is really up to which could eventually help her find the other Heroes out there. The only other person she's met is Peter Petrelli, and if she figures out there's more people with special abilities, all a possible target by the same man who tried to kill her, then perhaps she'll find a way to help them. But that's a stretch that'll probably not happen until later as the series continues, because I still believe Claire needs further exploration of certain things. Saddened as I am that Zach will no longer be a factor with sharing her secrets with, he played a major role in helping Claire's self-discovery. She's a stronger person in that respect, and if it wasn't for him or meeting Peter she would've been completely lost and vulnerable for Sylar to find her. As horrible as it is, I sort of see the memory erasing as symbolic and a message for Claire. Without risking getting those she cares about hurt she has to go about things on her own. It'll be nice to see if she tries to befriend Zach without persuasion of "hey, I have these freaky superpowers, wanna see?" She did say that she was nice to him, but she could've been nicer, and maybe now with a clean slate she'll be able to do that without putting him in any life-threatening danger.

I also predict after Claire gains more knowledge of what's happening, that maybe she'll finally escape her home of Odessa, Texas and venture out to not only find Peter Petrelli but also to locate the other Heroes, too. But first, I'd like to see how she pretends to know absolutely nothing of what happened or knowledge of her powers to her father, and live a pretend happy life while discovering more hidden secrets.

Peter "Da Bomb" Petrelli. Pun definitely intended, despite however corny it may sound. From the ending scene of "Fallout" everybody originally had the impression that the nuclear explosion could've been the radiation guy, but was proven wrong by that scene that it was actually Peter.

Makes sense, because Peter's ability is the absorption of other people's amazing abilities and powers and throughout the episode he'd gradually been getting sicker and sicker. This was due to being exposed of too many individuals with special abilities, which can become too much to handle when one is not mentally or physically prepared. So when Peter passed out and had awakened after seeing a possible future of him being the magical A-Bomb in New York city, it could mean that when all he Heroes are gathered together around him he could suddenly explode from the power overdose. This is a main concern and possibility, and thus he goes into a coma. Now whether he went into a coma after this realization or because of the small overdose he experienced that day is unclear, but that will place something even more to what he'll discover (e.g. the special new cast member being his mentor in some form or another).

But there's also striking similarities between Peter and Sylar. Sylar is taking the abilities of those who are special, and Peter has the ability to absorb the powers from those around him. Sylar may not know the consequences of taking these abilities, and one theory I have is perhaps his psychotic intentions aren't just for to feed his powerhungry addiction, but sooner or later he'll have a breakdown from the amount of powers he's not supposed to have. Peter, with the right amount of training and preparation, he'll probably be able to learn how to control his ability and the abilities he absorbs so he won't have any bad side effects. I also have a theory that perhaps the reason why Peter couldn't absorb Sylar's power during "Homecoming" is because there's no real indication of what power he should absorb; perhaps his true ability isn't just absorbing any power, but the power of what the individual is supposed to have inquired in the first place, since we know that Sylar originally didn't have one before he started stealing from others who do.

I'll probably have a review written for the Heroes episode "Fallout" finished by sometime tomorrow, because I want to have it done and posted before 2007 begins.
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