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Fandomosity: Jossverse (Actors, Firefly), Heroes, Namie Amuro

Happy New Year's Eve! The end of the year has finally arrived, also indicating that this is the last Fandomosity edition before the new year begins. It's been an interesting year overall, both in worldwide news and fandom news combined. One of the biggest worldwide news is Saddam Hussein's execution by hanging recently for his crimes against humanity; I have my own personal opinions on the subject, but I shall refrain from saying them in this edition. That'll be saved for another time. I just hope that justice was served to the victims of his heinous crimes.

-♠- Gotta Have Faith, Dude: Although it's one day behind, yesterday (December 30th) was Eliza Dushku's 26th birthday! Wishing the loveliest and most kickass vampire slayer the best on her special day. Also, while poking around her filmography profile, it looks as though Eliza is getting some interesting projects lined up for 2007. She's also going to be starring in The Alphabet Killer but it's not located on IMDB, even though supposedly she's playing the lead.

-♠- Tightpants and Starbuck At Your Service, Sir: Thrillers starring two most fabulous SciFi captains together? What could be more perfect than that? White Noise: The Light is a supernatural thriller starring Nathan Fillion and Katee Sackhoff; it's been pushed back for a March release date because of clashed schedules. Also, this is perhaps a good thing because Battlestar Galactica will be returning in January along with Nathan Fillion's new FOX series Drive. So, 2007 could become a great year for both these amazing actors, television-wise and in the theaters.

-♠- Tara McClay, The Arc Warrior: Well, not technically. Going along the stream of Jossverse actors in upcoming projects, Amber Benson is going to be making her SciFi Channel debut in her new movie Gryphon. Judging from the picture it sort of resembles a Joan of Arc storytelling, although with these kinds of movies there's no telling which direction they could go in. It premieres the 27th of January on the SciFi Channel.

-♠- Can't Take The Sky: Firefly: The Official Companion, Volume Two is now available for pre-ordering off of Amazon, and will be officially released on May 8th, 2007. Also, Dark Horse Comics is releasing "Serenity In Disguise" ornament, a classic scene from Serenity.

-♠- To Gay Or Not To Gay, That Is The Question: In an interesting case of TVGuide Expert Columns, someone wrote to Matt Roush, asking "If we are outraged when a character with ambiguous sexuality is "inned," then why is it heroic or not insulting when an unambiguously straight character is suddenly "outed"?" This is in response in the decision of de-gaying the character of Zach from Heroes, since many people were confused whether he was heterosexual or homosexual. This also bring up an interesting topic discussion about how it effects the audience when characters are either "outted" or "inned" within a fandom, because there was major controversy and debating in the Heroes fandom. I still stand by my original opinion that Zach was questioning his own sexuality, and he started liking Claire as it's evident in the pilot episode. Determining his sexuality wasn't the high point of the series, anyway. But still, an nice response by Matt Roush on the subject matter.

-♠- Queen of Hip-Pop: It appears that my favorite musical artist, Namie Amuro, will be releasing her brand new single on the 27th of January! It's called "Baby Don't Cry" and has been announced it'll be used as the theme song for the drama series Himitsu no Hanazono (translation: "Secret Flower Garden"). Watch the CM promo for the J-Drama, using a small snippet of Namie's new song! ♥ ♥ ♥
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