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Heroes: "Fallout" Episode Review

The Heroisms: And So, The Plot Thickens...

This is considered the "mid-season finale" since they're, like most shows, are going on a mini-hiatus for holiday break. Heroes is no expection, and in this hour there's plenty of things going on that's bound to keep fans stirring in speculations and theorizing before January 22nd when it starts up again.

Basically, the episodes starts where 1.09 "Homecoming" left off, and it's quite unique from the other episodes since all our Heroes are incidentally meeting each other. Some know that the other has special abilities, while others don't even realize it. After Claire finally reveals her secret to her father, he tells her upfront that he knew about her all along. Confused but relieved, Claire automatically follows his orders to destroy the video recordings she made with Zach and talk to him about keeping her ability underwraps, as he supposedly will do the same to her brother Lyle. Claire then goes to the police station to give a statement of that night, and asks to visit Peter Petrelli, who is being held in a holding cell until further investigation. Peter isn't doing too well, as he's slowly getting ill from an unknown source and having nightmarish dreams about Sylar. But when Claire goes to see him, he appears slightly better and the two talk briefly about their abilities and the so-called mission to save the world. While their time together should've lasted longer, as they both wanted it to anyway, Claire is beckoned by her father that it's time to leave. Mr. Bennet has other alternatives, of course, because he now has Sylar in custody and underneath his watchful eye. Eden is befuddled why they don't just kill him then and there, but Mr. Bennet has been notified by an unknown higher power that it was best to keep Sylar alive. But Eden has her mind set for another way of dealing with the situation, which fatally backfires.

Meanwhile, Hiro and Ando get a call from Isaac, who has been released by Mr. Bennet and Eden after his more-or-less helpful work of his paintings, who plans on finally meeting them. When they do come face-to-face, Hiro presents the futuristic comic book that Isaac has yet to publish, and while he explains his ability, Hiro tells him about what he saw when he incidentally went into the future. Back at a motel-like room, Isaac prepares to paint the future once again, but now he'll have to channel different methods to getting that special ability to paint; Hiro and Ando are impressed by what they witness when he's under his trance state. After a long while, Hiro and Ando look at the finished painting Isaac had drawn --- and are surprised at what they see, because it's Hiro wielding a sword and battling a dinosaur!

The splitting personalities between Niki and Jessica draw a particular line after they chase the apparently wounded husband, D.L., and try to locate Micah. Niki is unhappy with Jessica's reckless determination, but Jessica sarcastically scoffs and gives tough love to her other half, saying that Niki isn't "strong enough" dealing with things, and thus having Jessica around is the only way of surviving the world. Jessica then dominates once more in finding Micah, but a mistake at accidentally injuring Micah brings Niki back to the surface. She is reunited with her family again, even D.L. is somewhat forgiving, if not a little perplexed. Niki finally decides that it's too dangerous being around Micah and D.L., and gives into a grave decision to turn herself into the police before she (or Jessica) strikes again.

Nearing the end of the episode, Claire discovers that those close to her have lost their memories about her abilities, including her new best friend Zach, who doesn't even remember their entire friendship over the last several weeks. Frightened and confused, Claire contacts her father to see if he remembers, which he does, and is anxiously waiting for him to return home. But she gets an unfamilar surprise visitor who is about to tell her something rather important, possibly regarding the true nature of her father's occupation. Peter also finds himself in a dangerous situation as he's bailed out by Nathan, when he mysteriously collapses into a futuristic dream/vision where he steps into New York City as when the nuclear bomb is to be going off, but instead of an actual bomb it's really him that explodes. Thus, this causes Peter to go into a coma, leaving us viewers to contemplate on the discoveries and happenings of this episode and what holds for the future of these characters.

The Characters: Superheroes Don't Get Holidays.

Eden, The Persuader. It's depressing that Eden had to be the one who died, because I was beginning to really enjoy her character. I would've liked to have seen more possibilities with how she gained information and perhaps joined forces with other Heroes, or the Haitian even, and go against Mr. Bennet's demands (she showed much resentment to some of the things he asked her to do, but did it anyway because of fear over what he would do if she didn't). Also, I liked how she redeemed herself and did the self-sacrifing before Sylar could retrieve her power. She probably knew there was a 50/50 chance her power of persuasion wouldn't work on somebody like that, so juiced with Lord knows how many abilities running through his system. It was a heroic act at best, though I'm sad for Mohinder because she called him before she met her devastating demise.

Claire Bennet, physically indestructable but emotionally breakable. This statement is very true, because no matter how invulnerable she is due to her ability, she's still a living and breathing human being with emotions and feelings that can be torn down like a house of cards. Mr. Bennet seems to have good intentions by means of keeping her safe, but his request of erasing her memory too was kind of moronic and reckless. That would make Claire more of a target and vulnerable to anyone else wanting her powers. Plus, she would definitely notice something was abnormal with her because if she'd gotten seriously hurt or injured, which is bound to happen sometime in her life, and was healed almost immediately she was investigate again. The cycle would repeat itself, so I don't really understand why Mr. Bennet would want that; of course, he thinks that after capturing Sylar everything's going to be semi-normal and okay. But that's just not the case anymore, since Claire deserves to know what her father has really been doing.

I have already mentioned my further speculations about Claire in my previous post, so I'll leave it on this note: the Haitian supposedly is revealing to Claire secrets about her father, and who he works for and other plans. Claire is now going to be left on her own to discover more about not only her abilities but to find the others just like her, and she'll have to do something she never thought she'd have to do: go against her father, the only person she thought she could trust.

The Petrelli Brothers, dyfunctional yet loveable. This episode had more Peter along with Claire, and together both in the same room. I liked how Peter is really discovering more things about his powers and about others just like him. Other than his brother, Claire, Isaac and Hiro, he finally met Matt (even had a power collision that effected both of them tremendously which, I shall say in regards to that, ouch!) Let's hope he meets the others, which he eventually will after he gets out of his comatose state. I like Peter because while he may be getting himself in extreme danger half the time with his decisions, he's such a daydreamer with good intentions. He believes he's doing something worthwhile and that'll make a difference, which in his case he most definitely has made a huge difference, particularly in saving Claire from Sylar. But not without the huge consequence afterwards.

His brother Nathan may be the least on the scale of likeability since the beginning, but that was the intention. He's very business-oriented and dedicated to his political work that the daydreaming stuff isn't something he deals with much; Peter and Nathan are the bookends of completely opposite individuals. Although Nathan may seem like a douche at times, his intentions are also of the good because he's trying to save his little brother from getting himself killed. Does he know more about what's happening, because of his business? That's a possibility up for speculation. Either way, the Petrelli brothers may have a dysfunctional relationship and different views about what they can do, but they are still there for each other, whether the other believes it or not.

The Sanders Sisters, the Hellfire and Angel of split personalities. I find it interesting the relationship between Niki and Jessica are not unlike the relationship between the Petrelli brothers. Although Jessica seems to have alternative motives for protecting Niki and "their" family, more often dangerous. This episode gives their confrontation something more than just Niki listening to her other half. Jessica refers Niki as weak, and has presented this fact before in the flashback episode. She seems to have more things she's not telling Niki, unless Niki already knows what's going on but it just hasn't been revealed to the audience yet. I'm sort of wondering how her character arc is going to play out after she turned herself in. And if she learns to gain control over Jessica, or if Jessica will break out from jail.

Sylar, Stealer of Powers. He's a creepifying man, Sylar. Creepy and psychotic. That's all I'm saying about his character for right now.

The Show: Glees and Squees!

¤ Claire's "you're totally my hero" remark to Peter was absolutely perfect! I'll admit that I do like the idea of a possible Peter/Claire relationship in the future, I am not ashamed in wanting that much; there's definite chemistry with these two characters onscreen and the admiration, especially with Claire, is too adorable for words. Though I'd like a growing friendship bond developing between them first. I do like the possibilities of them getting involved in the future, but for now a strictly platonic friendship is just as equally as cute.

¤ Hiro! Ando! Isaac! Meeting together at last. I love how Hiro says Isaac's name, and he does the Star Trek hand sign again. Too adorable. Oh, and their expressions before and after he starts painting, and with the sword! Hiro does need to find that sword, yes he does.

¤ Do I sense a possible relationship between Matt and Audrey? It's obvious that Matt's marriage is failing even though he tried to patch it up, but them hooking up wouldn't be so bad either. Partners as they are, I like how Audrey isn't dismissing of Matt's ability. She is the only one who knows about it, and not his wife. Which I find interesting.

¤ Poor Claire. I love her dearly, and watching this episode made my heart break for her. She's lost the only best friend she's ever had. Confused, lost, frightened and vulnerable. But at the same time strong, independent and determined.

¤ Sylar = batshit crazy, and still creepy.

¤ Eden = a great heroine (with an awesome power, no less) that shouldn't have bit the dust so soon. RIP, Eden.

¤ The Silent Haitian = finally speaks! Is a good guy! Disobeys HRG! Oh, and the actor chosen is amazing at playing the intense character.

¤ Micah, please reveal your powers soon!

¤ My guess is the higher power who is behind most of what's happening: Mr. Linderman. He seems to be the main baddie, considering we've never seen his face, only heard his name numerous of times throughout the show so far.

¤ Peter's dream at the beginning of the episode was superb and unexpected, proving that this show is unlike any other. It certainly surprised me, and giving more theories because knowing that Peter does have clairvoyant dreams there could be truth to his dream connecting with Sylar. Only what that could be, we'll find out soon enough.

Overall: Fantastic episode! I loved it from beginning to end; the neverending mysteries and dramatic character arcs, the storylines keep getting better and better. I'm also interested at how many more Heroes are out there, because we already have our main characters (which is what the show primarily focuses on, e.g. Claire Bennet, Niki Sanders, Peter Petrelli, etc.) and there are the minor Heroes, too. Charlie, for example. Hopefully once the season starts up again we'll meet more individuals with superpowers, and whether they have good intentions or bad intentions with their abilities. And what will happen with Claire, how Peter will get out of his coma, if Sylar truly escapes to clutches of Mr. Bennet, and overall who is really running this puppet show.

Now we'll just have to wait until January 22nd until brand new episodes, which bites and I'll be going through withdrawals again, but it'll be worth it. Oh, it'll certainly be worth it because Heroes is so much love.
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