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Beginning of a new era.

1. While slightly belated, wishing a Happy New Year to everybody! Hopefully 2007 will be much different and better than 2006 had been. Nothing horrible happened last year, though nothing incredible happened either. Others have mentioned the unenthusiastic side of celebrating a new year, although I'm one of those that kind of figures beginning a new year is symbolic for starting fresh. I don't set New Years resolutions, but I do have very specific goals to accomplish. I just keep my dreams and ambitions inside a reasonable limit and go from there (and the majority of that is very adult life and college-oriented anyway).

2. The other day I recieved some post-holiday gifts from far-away relatives. Gift cards to some of my favorite stores, along with a box filled with See's Candies chocolates. Yummy.

3. glassnowdrop is hosting a fandom friending meme. Go ye forth, and pimp it bitches! You know you want to.
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