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Honey Flash!

Happiest greetings and salutations to newcomers via friending memes! Also, I'd like to point out and pimp the Silver Screen Friending Meme too all film addicts and movie buffs out, along with The O.C. Friending Meme.

Yesterday I finally watched the live-action Cutie Honey movie, and I absolutely loved it. It's completely silly, purposefully campy and overdramatic due to it being an adapted version from the anime/manga; it's a mixture of Power Rangers and Sailor Moon on acid, as mentioned in reviews, but still an enjoyable cutesy kind of movie. Plus, Eriko Sato is so freaking adorable as Honey! I instantly fell in love with her. I now want to purchase this film for myself, I liked it that much. Another surprising thing is, not only does Koda Kumi sing the theme song (and several other songs throughout the movie), but she makes a cameo appearance in it too! Yay, Kuu!

Remember the incredible hotness between Cameron and Chase on House? Well, it looks like it's becoming to be a reality, because Jennifer Morrison and Jesse Spencer are engaged. I'm so happy for them, and wishing them the best for the future. I just hope it lasts, though, since we all know the unfortunate fate of most celebrity marriages. I do hope it lasts, so I'm crossing my fingers for them.
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