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So, what's the dizzle?

The bitter coldness of winter has finally reached new heights, as it's bringing windstorms pretty soon. I find it funny that it's getting colder yet there hasn't been a rainstorm which usually hits around this time of the season. But no, it's all blue-skies. Our weather has been gradually changing its course over most recent years. Last year there wasn't a mid-summer thunderstorm as there usually have been in the past, and now there isn't any rainclouds in sight. Strange, I tell you.

With more research, I've been finding more upcoming films that have sparked an interest:

1. Stomp The Yard, starring Columbus Short, Meagan Good. Directed by Sylvain White.
Yes, another one of those movies, however I like the prime focusing on the stepping which highlights the African-American tradition used in colleges. The title "Stomp the Yard" is actually the type of dance-style for stepping, which is what they use in the movie. The premise for the movie may seem predictable as seen in other dance-films before it, but the attraction comes from the actual moves and stepping in the movie. I have witnessed stepping before both in real life and in fandoms (many years ago there was an episode of Sister, Sister shown on the WB where the twins watched a performance while at college), and if this film serves it justice it may become the next breakdancing phenomenon used other than college fraternity/sororities.

2. Dear Friends, starring Keiko Kitagawa, Yuika Motokariya. Directed by Kazayuki Morosawa.
I really, really, really want to see this film. I cannot emphasize enough that after reading up on this, watching the previews and trailers, that this'll probably be another amazingly heartbreaking film. Based on the story by Yoshi, this is a story about a wild badgirl named Rina who doesn't necessarily care about anything in life (basically says that "friendships are worthless"), but abruptly discovers she has a certain cancerous disease and is hospitalized. She goes through personal turmoil, but she meets another girl named Maki, who is also at the hospital for her suicidal tendencies, and finds that the love of friendship may be the one thing to help each other survive. This is guaranteed to be a tear-jerker, a beautiful kind of film with friendship at the core. Plus it has Keiko Kitagawa as the leading role, which is something exciting being the fan I am of hers and I'm thrilled her career is sparking with the amount of projects she's doing; this one will most definitely earn her the attention she deserves.

Watch the trailers, they're incredibly moving and emotional even if you don't understand Japanese: Teaser Trailer and the Official Trailer.

In other news, some fandoms are returning from the holiday hiatus! Supernatural is tonight, and next week Medium along with with a few others. However I have to wait until nearing the end of the month before my main fandoms return. Gorrammit.
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