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Glorious Days, Glorious Nights

1. Changed default icon to Koda Kumi! Yay! I love Kuu, just as much as I love Namie. ~ ♥

2. The other day I was directed to a fantastic link: Tricia Helfer's appearance in Playboy (and someone posted non-scans from the magazine, in excellent quality). Advisory, because it is needed since it's Playboy: the pictures include nudity and adult content which may not be suitable for some people. For me, I simply adore this photoshoot; most people think that Playboy is mainly filled with pornographic material and tacky, however these are far from it. Tricia photographs beautifully, and the shots are quite artistic and tasteful with excellent lighting. I love the black-and-white shots, the best, adds more of that artistic-style. Also, it must be said that Tricia Helfer is a Goddess. End of story.

3. Hee, I finally realized that Doctor Who is airing on BBC America.

4. Spring semester starts on Tuesday, and thankfully it's the day where I have dance as the last class. Although it'll just be orientation, nothing with physical activity until Thursday. I have already started streching and warming up my muscles from the laziness over the holiday break, so my flexibility will be intact. Which reminds me, I need a freaking Ab Lounge, stat.
Tags: dance, jpop: koda kumi, tricia helfer
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