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BSG: "Rapture" Episode Review

Battlestar Galactica - 3.12 - "Rapture" (Part 2)

Continuing where the last episode left off, the Cylons want the Eye of Jupiter to find Earth, but Adama is not willing to let that happen and threatens to nuke the planet even with some of his people are grounded there. Gaius and D'Anna have their own intentions, both of which are shared secretly with each other. D'Anna believes she is the Chosen One to see the faces of the Final Five Cylons, and seeing the face of God. All Gaius wants is to know if he is a Cylon or not. The complications between the Kara/Lee and Kara/Sam situation takes a drastic change when Kara's ship crashes somewhere in the middle of the desert, and Dee is sent to rescue her, even though she holds much resentment for Kara because of the apparent affair that's happening between her and Lee. Athena was left in a state of devastated shock and letdown after it had been finally revealed that her daughter, Hera, had been alive all along. She was denied visitation, but found an alternative to retrieve her. Destinies, character deaths, and religious prophecies come full-circle this episode.

The Character Storylines

Firstly, let's start with the Final Five storyline. Obviously throughout the series Three (D'Anna Biers) has always been slightly loopy with the crazy-wacky kind of mentality when mentioning about the Cylon God. The previews for season three had her voiceover stating that she'd been having dreams that made her question her faith, but perhaps it was also her personal enlightenment of things that the Cylons don't normally question. Like, the existence of their God. Her journey for finding out what God looked like went to ultimate extremes, especially when she continuously had the Centurions kill her so she could experience the moments between dying and downloading into another body. Befriending (and having a threeway relationship with him and Caprica-Six) was her way of guiding her awareness that she has a purpose. Entering the temple she believed in what the Hybrid had said about only the Chosen One could see the Final Five, as she believes it is her destiny to see the face of God. Obviously we don't see the five faces, but when D'Anna is looking into one particular face, she immediately recognizes them; giving an interesting twist to whom this mysterious one of the Final Five she actually knows. And a great setup for another mindfrakking fan speculation.

I was disappointed when it was decided that D'Anna, and the entire line of Threes, had to be boxed. Though it's understandable, because as seen the other Three models were conscious of D'Anna's self-fulfilling prophecy which led them to defy the others. Cylons may be brothers and sisters to one another, but having even the thought of questioning their entire existence and making drastic decisions without acknowledgement from the others was bound to have reprecussions sooner or later. This leads more questions to how far they will go to protect their entire race, even if it meant boxing an entire line when they do, indeed, cross into that forbidden zone.

I loved the Athena scenes in this episode, and I have to say that beginning scene got to me, as anyone who loves the Helo/Athena relationship should. Though after he shot her I immediately knew what she'd planned --- since she couldn't kill herself because suicide is a sin in the eyes of Cylons, she asked Helo to shoot her so she could be downloaded onto the Cylon baseship and retrieve her daughter and bring her back to Galactica. I liked that she and Caprica-Six are getting along, even the sweet escape back to Galactica together. I think Caprica-Six cares for humans more than Boomer does, which is evident through how she reacted when Hera calmed down once Athena picked her up. Boomer's attitude might've seemed too extreme, however I feel it's a mixture of her Cylon personality and her bitterness because she is biologically identical to Athena, and where she could calm Hera whereas with Boomer nothing. Perhaps Boomer didn't have the proper maternal love that Hera could possibly sense with Athena. That entire scene was nicely done, and a nice turn-around with the two Sharon's and Caprica-Six. In the end, having Helo, Athena and Hera reunited was incredibly sweet. But, Helo is going to have major therapy after this. That must leave a psychological scar for shooting his wife, like no other.

Ah, the quadriangle drama continues. While I don't particularly care for Dee, I think her strength for not going irrationally spastic like most would in such a situation is quite admirable. She knows there is something happening between Lee and Kara, but doesn't jump to conclusions and doesn't make drastic decisions or become a drama queen about it. She's a soldier, she does her job and sometimes holds a cold, hard and silent resentment. But she doesn't act out her anger. I like that. Also, I feel this entire situation is being overdone because it's in almost every single damned episode and it's getting tiring, but I want to see where this all leads to.

Speaking of Kara, finally there's that connection of her paintings, the Eye of Jupiter, and what Leoban had mentioned about her having a destiny. So, is she a prophet? That's the ongoing mysterious question now, especially if she's a key to finding the pathway to Earth. I kind of liked that little moment between her and Helo. I've always liked their friendship, it's very cute. I wonder if they'll go to Adama or Roslin about her paintings, which I have no doubt they will. Also with Chief Tyrol and his irresistible urge to walk towards the temple seems just as prophetic as those paintings, not to mention Laura Roslin's visions and dreams. Hmm, I'm sensing a mysterious pattern here, and I'm speculating where all this could lead.

My Favorite Bits

+ The hilarity with Kara in this episode, even if it wasn't meant to be: Dee slapping her awake, especially after she blabbered and admitting that she needs to cheat (concerning her relationships) to keep everything in check. Also back on Galactica, with the hands bandaged like mittens, I found it hilarious how she moved her hands about. I don't know why, it was just so funny.

+ The completely turn-around of character developments with Caprica-Six and Boomer. In the beginning of the series it was Six that snapped the necks of babies, but now it's Boomer that threatened to snap baby Hera's neck, and said so with such distressed rage. Also, Caprica-Six punching Boomer and snapping her neck. Awesome moment, amazing scene.

+ Head!Six = love. Period.

+ Helo being all up in Madame President's face. That was a lovely moment, and raised my love for Helo to another level.

+ Caprica-Six and Athena teaming together, yays!

+ The triptastic lighting for the Planet Algae, which had that quite amazing blindness effect. Plus, the temple looked amazing.

+ D'Anna Biers and the Number Three models, R.I.P. You'll be missed, even with your "God loves me" babble. I'll miss seeing Lucy Lawless on the show, she was fantastic in this role.

+ Kara! The prophecy! Her paintings! Dramatic music! WHEE.

+ Leoban! For about, five seconds of screentime. But still, Leoban!

+ Brother Cavil having that suspicious look in his eye that he knows more about the Final Five than we thought. Could this lead some more speculating on what ever happened to those other Cylons, and if he or the others had something to do with their disappearance? Hmm, something to ponder about.

+ Athena PWNED in this episode, like whoa. Wonderful acting by Grace Park, for playing both the sympathetic and strong Sharon "Athena" Agathon and the bitterly distorted Sharon "Boomer" Valerii. I completely forgot it was Grace Park, since she totally played it up with those characters and their entirely different personalities.

+ Gaius. Oh, Gaius. You poor, poor frakked-over bastard. I love you, I hate you, I love to hate you. No, you're not a Cylon. But damned, Six will keep you company as you're being held prisoner on the Galactica --- both the one in your head and Caprica-Six.

+ Speaking of which, Caprica-Six on Galactica? Hmm, I wonder how this is going to play out. Should be interesting.

+ Sharon/Helo/Hera reunited. YAY! *♥*

Overall: I liked this episode, a lot. Things were answered, things were left with much speculation and there was interesting character developments. Nice episode. With the previews for next week though, I wished there were more revealed rather than the frakking quadriangle drama. Should've been more dramatic scenes. But hopefully this next upcoming episode will finally solve those antics.
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