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Finally it's Friday, now let's par-tay!

1. Yay, Madame Airlock returns with a vengeance. Needless to say, the Canadian preview trailers are much better at drawing the dramatic and important parts than SciFi does.

2. You know, the more I hear about the reactions towards Dakota Fanning's new controversial film Hounddog, the more interesting it becomes that might tempt me to go see it. I'm not the biggest fan of Dakota and find it slightly irritating that she's in almost everything nowadays, which I personally think it's overkill. However once hearing the controversy surrounding her latest project, I became intrigued at what everyone was talking about. Without going into specifics, whenever I see a young actor playing a challenging role outside their normal range, I applaud them for taking the courageous step. Whether or not it'll be praised by audiences or film critics, any actor that broadens their acting abilities by trying out different roles is good in my book. I've been hearing different reactions from different folks, but I'll judge for myself if I decide to see it.

3. *prays to the Rain Gods* Please, let there be some rainfall this weekend. We're dry over here and desperate for some rainy weather, and we're behind schedule as it is.
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