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Initial reaction to BSG 3.13

This includes incoherent thoughts and reactions to tonight's episode; real review to appear shortly hereafter.

I knew that Laura Roslin could be cold and ruthless but, damn. I honestly don't blame her for yelling and screaming at Gaius for the truth considering what everyone had gone through on Caprica. I quite liked seeing her and Saul have this twinkle of pride when they were using such tactics to get Gaius to talk. She wants him to suffer, in any way possible. Madame Airlock strikes again!

The Jesus!Gaius look is symbolic to his "destiny", if not unsettling.

Hallucingens a way of torture? Barbaric as it seemed, that entire sequence was incredibly trippy and nicely done. I was wondering if head!Six would pop in and settle things before Gaius revealed too much.

I didn't particularly care about the marital troubles and relationship dramas. Lee and Kara are right back at the beginning. Nothing was resolved from that.

Six rocked tonight, all copies of her. Manipulative, ruthless, evilly sexy. I love Six.

No Sharon or Helo (or even Hera) tonight. Boo.

Oh, Gaius. Poor fucked up Gaius Baltar. I don't know whether I want to hug you or slap you oh wait, you have head!Six for that job. There's something about Gaius that you want him to suffer, but at the same time you know that he's just one confused frakjob with no intention of hurting people. Still, I loved James Callis' acting in this episode, especially for the mindfrakking torture interriogation scene. And waking up in the imaginary resurrection pool. And in the endless water pit.

The bonus scene was awesome, yay for Caprica-Six! Yay for her mentioning the incident with the airlock! Six versus Roslin is going to be pretty interesting, if in fact that scene will continue into the next episode.

Speaking of which, two frakking weeks?! Well, at least it's not a hiatus, that's for sure.
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