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Heroes: "Godsend" Episode Review

The Heroisms: Joining and Collaborating Together.

There's finally some answers to the questions that lingered from the last episode, especially concerning some characters that we all love and care about deeply, but still leaving the door open for more unanswered questions. Claire pretends to have no memory whatsoever about the last several weeks, and Mr. Bennet continues to act oblivious to the entire thing; both of them dancing around each other in their own secretive manner. Only it's Claire that's truly discovering and realizing the truth. We also see that she has ultimately befriended the Haitian, and throughout the episode begins to re-befriend Zach since his memories were erased. Peter Petrelli is in the hospital, still in his unexplained coma (although the audience knows it's from the power absorption going on overdrive), and is having flashes from his vision through his dreams, also being introduced to another mysterious hero. Peter does eventually awake up, abruptly, and escapes the hospital, only to find this mysterious hero lingering the streets.

After admitting herself into a prison, Niki is finding that Jessica isn't as happy with this decision, causing fear and violence amongst the prison guards whenever they face her. DL apparently has been cleared of all charges from the murders due to Niki confessing, however Linderman isn't going to leave them alone since he "doesn't make deals", and it seems that Niki may be facing the death penalty. But along with being in prison and Jessica dangerously misbehaving, Niki is discovering something different and frightening about herself. Meanwhile, Matt leads Audrey and other FBI agents to a place where he knows that Sylar is being held by Mr. Bennet, but fails because Mr. Bennet is fully aware what Matt is up to. This leads to a suspension on Audrey's case, and much to Matt's devastation she calls off the entire investigation and their partnership completely. Matt confronts Mr. Bennet, but he smugly dismisses his threatening temper. He goes home, but instead of brooding he tries to patch up his marriage by telling his wife the truth about his ability, and what he's been up to for the last several weeks. Mohinder wants to locate more of the Heroes on the list, but finds that it's harder than it looks, and discovers the true identity of (the now deceased) Eden and what Mr. Bennet is supposedly offering Mohinder.

Hiro discovers the sword he apparently is supposed to have, however it's only a fake replica of the real thing, which ironically belongs to Linderman. Hiro and Ando report back to Isaac at his studio apartment where he has returned to, only to find that Simone and Nathan Petrelli are there (after Nathan wants to know more about the prophetic paintings). The connection with the Linderman name draws Nathan's attention, and furthering his suspicions about the "exploding nuclear man" that is going to destroy New York City.

The Characters: Powers That Go Boom.

Claire Bennet & Mr. "HRG" Bennet. I was very impressed with Hayden Panetierre's performance this episode. We've seen Claire be convincingly emotional before, but this brought an entirely different level from the moment where we see her in the very first scene; as she's walking away, she gives that incredible cold resentment expression. Neither she nor Mr. Bennet wants to be hiding the truth from each other, but they both have their secretive reasons for doing so. Another example is when she's speaking with the Haitian, her "I don't wanna be alone" line was delivered perfectly. All of Claire's scenes were impressive, because it shows how she's growing up now that she's learning the truth of her existence. We knew from the beginning that she wanted to find her birth parents after discovering her ability, and hopefully soon she'll find out there's more people just like her, sans the Haitian and Peter Petrelli. That she's not truly alone as she believes. I also think the symbolism is great; Claire had been attached and trusting of her father from the beginning of the series, but as she's growing up she's learning that there's a whole different side to the man that she thought she could trust. Also, her re-befriending Zach as another great turn. Not exactly how I envisioned her gaining their friendship back, but this proves how much she'll risk wanting to have the only person she could trust back into her life. Claire had once mentioned that she could've been nicer to Zach, and this proves just how much she's changed and grown for the better.

Mr. Bennet on the other hand is getting confusing, I don't know whether I should be rooting for him or not. He could be in a difficult position since he does follow orders from a higher authority (possibly being Linderman), and evidenced of not wanting to lie to Claire. But his attitude towards Matt differs from his attitude towards Mohinder, which in itself is in a gray spot of characterization. But still, an interesting character nonetheless.

Niki and Jessica Sanders. Some people are getting bored with this storyline, I however am quite the opposite. I'm intrigued with the split personality between Niki and Jessica, and am wondering more and more about the superhuman strength quality that's now being tossed to Niki instead of Jessica. In case people didn't notice, Niki had broken the police-stick with her bare hands without Jessica emerging, causing major confusion. Leading more questions on whether it is Jessica sending Niki this amount of "courage" or if Niki is channeling the powers unconsciously, believing that her twin will save her when it's really the other way around. I'm also wondering how DL and Micah are going to help her out of this situation, since Linderman isn't one to be toyed with. DL has the ability to go through corporeal objects, and Micah has yet an unexplained ability, but hopefully by the next episode we'll find out if they'll band their powers together to break her out of prison.

Peter and Nathan Petrelli. Dysfunctional as they may be, I truly do believe that Nathan will do anything to protect his younger brother, but at what price? Already knowing that the painting might indeed be Peter, and Hiro confirming about the explosion concluded that Nathan would do something. Also, yes I liked the brotherly-love kiss he'd given Peter before he left the hospital; t'was sweet considering their slight friction of a sibling relationship. Now concerning Peter, I liked the distorted flashing of the dream/vision he had before he went into his comatose state, it was triptastic. What was even more triptastic was him waking up so abruptly, screaming and frightened in shock. Although I wonder why he had left the hospital without saying a word. I really want him to reunite with Claire, because he knows there's something more with that specific mission and he has yet to actually accomplish the "save the cheerleader, save the world" prophecy, as I predict they'll definitely meet again.

Loved the meetup with the Ninth Doctor Invisible Man! As I knew I would.

Matt Parkman. I don't know why, but this storyline isn't as compelling as the others, Although I was disappointed when Audrey pulled up the "case closed" sign on the entire investigation on Sylar, and I really did want Matt to get answers out of Mr. Bennet (who obviously is too damn smug to reveal anything) but sadly, no dice. I only wish the Haitian would be half as kind to Matt as his alliance with Claire, but I have a feeling that he has an alternative motive for that. Also seeing him trying to make things right within his marriage seemed sweet, and hopefully his wife will understand his ability without freaking out. This isn't the end of Audrey though, I just know it isn't. She wouldn't close the book on something where the evidence is right there and she knows nothing is just a coincidence from the last several weeks.

Hiro and Ando. Again, Hiro never ceases to amaze me on how utterly adorable he is. The entire scene in the museum was spectacular, and I kept on hoping that he wouldn't get caught stealing the sword. Also, the weakening of his abilities definitely adds the fascinating twist. Because if Hiro's abilities slows down on him, does this mean it'll happen to the other Heroes too? Anyway, the museum scene was great, and Hiro meeting up with Nathan again was hilarious! Just Hiro's enthusiasm and Nathan's expression was so priceless.

I also have a theory based on the legend Hiro is retelling to Ando in comparison to his destiny: because Hiro can travel back in time, perhaps once he retrieves the sword from Linderman (if he gets that far in the next or upcoming episodes, since it's becoming more and more clear that Linderman is possibly behind everything surrounding our main characters), that he'll somehow have to prove himself by becoming that legendary hero from the past. That isn't just a story Hiro's father had told him, it was his own legendary story. It's just a minor speculation given the fact that the paintings of the warrior did resemble Hiro is some aspects, so there's that possibility.

The Show: Glees and Squees!

¤ The entire exchanged between Hiro and Nathan, and how Hiro just started babbling about the sword and his destiny without acknowledging there were other people in the room. Typical, cute Hiro. And Ando, just waving nervously. Hee, "flying man!" Hiro = LOVE.

¤ Claire in general. I love her, and any episode with lots of Claire scenes is a good episode indeed. Also, as a shallow sidenote, her hair is absolutely gorgeous. Hell, Hayden is just one beautiful, adorable gal. Me loves her, like whoa.

¤ Christopher Eccelston! All scruffy! *squees*

¤ The brotherly kiss Nathan gives Peter. Personally I'm not with the majority of fandom that likes the 'cestiness of the Petrelli brothers, but I do admit that was a touching scene. Nathan is really starting to grow on me. At first I didn't necessarily like him because of his political attitude and critical stubbornness of believing in his free-spirited younger brother, but as the series continues it's showing how much love he does have for Peter. He protects him, and that's what older siblings do. It was a moving scene in the hospital room.

¤ Claire + Zach = BFFs forever!

¤ Jessica is one hardcore cold bitch, and I love that. I'm guessing Ali Larter has a fun time portraying Jessica at her most psychotic and sarcastic times, especially during the visitation with the lawyer guy. That was fun. Also, I adored this line: "Why have God, when you could have me?" Loved that line, nicely delivered.

¤ Hmmm, mysterious unknown Hero in the shed pracicing his power...*cue spooky dramatic music*

¤ "Are you on the list?" Yay for new tagline!

¤ Mr. Bennet is nice, but mean, but cold-hearted yet cool-headed, caring but a lying bastard to Claire, yet sadistic to others...dude, which side are you on!?!

Overall: Another amazing episode. Loved every second of it, and I'm happy it's returned over the long freaking holiday hiatus. It just keeps getting better and better, without losing it's flavor or having audiences lose their interest with the show in general. The mysteries and character growths after discovering more and more about themselves and their destinies of saving the world are more fascinating than ever before. Thank goodness Heroes is getting the amounts of praise it deserves. I'm only wondering if there's any other Heroes will do something descructive with their abilities, aside from Sylar that is. Many, many possibilities, which is why I absolutely love this show.

Yeah, I wanted to get that review done and out of the way before the new episode premieres tonight (which I'm guessing some may already have seen). So I'll be waiting in anticipation before it airs. In the meantime, isn't Hayden Panettiere so incredibly beautiful in these pictures? Seriously. Also: "I Still Believe In Love", Hayden's music video for Disney's Cinderella 3, in case anybody didn't already know. I really want the entire song, but haven't found a full version sadly.
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