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April Fool's - Hurray for Carpet Munchers!

Ah, April Fool’s. A day where practical jokes and pranks are acceptable, if tastefully done, and laughing hysterically at someone else’s expense of humiliation is tolerable. All I can say is, awesome.

Because it is that time of year where people are looking for the most vulnerable looking person to play a certain prank and/or practical joke, I have been cautious to whom I chat with. However, it was quite amusing to see many people try to trick me with most of the things I’ve already heard already. Although there was a few pranks/jokes played on several people that deserved props for the originality – often I wouldn’t go that far, but some were very creative and the practical jokes/pranks were some I’ve never heard before. All in all, it was a pretty eventful day.

On the home front is not so eventful. Came home to an empty house, which isn’t surprising, but then remembered that my sister has gone away to visit our aunt; flying over there to be more specific. She hates flying – no, scratch that, she hates flying by herself. In fact, she is very stressful when she has to do things by herself when no ones there to hold her hand or guide her through the process. But I am not judging because I would do exactly the same thing if I knew I was flying without an escort that I am familiar with across the country, but before she left she had this stress related breakdown – at least I think that’s what it was. I don’t even know anymore. Oh well. She arrived there safely earlier tonight, so she survived.

Back to the April Fool’s thing: I was totally tricked by many Harry Potter fandom sites. It was getting ridiculous that I kept getting stumped. Nevertheless, all was hilarious and not to mention radically creative.

Only 64 days left!

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