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Ta-da! I'm alive.

Hey, and actual update. Who'da thunk it, eh?

So finally we're having gray-cloudy days! Haven't gotten any rainfall yet sadly, and although it's overcast and bitterly colder than it has been the last several days there is no telling whether it'll be raining anytime soon. But I'm praying that we do, because it's been nearly two months without rain, and that's unusual for California around the time of the year. It's completely screwing up the enviornment here, particularly with the lack of moisture in the air that's not great for my skin, which unfortunately some of my moisturizing lotions aren't helping.

I'm kind of wanting rain, although I'm hoping the warmer seasons arrive soon. I like winter well enough, but without indication of at least some rain I'd rather prefer spring/summer conditions.

Everybody has probably heard the news concerning the seventh and final Harry Potter book to be released on the 21st of July, which is pretty exciting news in itself, though I'm more enthusiatic about Joss Stone's new album which will be released March 20th. I personally think she's a fantastic singer with phenomenal vocals, and have been waiting for something new of hers to come out. Finally, after nearly two and a half years since her last album, she's releasing something new, and adding something new too. Yay.

Also, I really love Mariah Carey's song "Fantasy". Brings back memories.
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