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Fandomosity: Jossverse (WW), BSG, Heroes, V.C. Andrews

Happy Saturday, the 3rd of February everybody. It's hard to believe that this passed week was the ending of January and the start of another month; 2007 is going to be going by quickly just as last year had. Anyway, I want to direct the attentions towards: Random Friending Meme conducted by catchmelike; intended to meet, greet and friend anyone with similar interests of fandoms/likes/dislikes, et cetera. Which in return, I welcome all newcomers from that meme!

-♠- Joss Got Snuffed: In case anyone hasn't already heard the news, Joss Whedon is no longer preparing for Wonder Woman, as announced from the man himself. Apparently the producers who wanted him didn't like what he had to offer, therefore cutting him loose from the project altogether. It's saddening news because I know that Joss would've done Wonder Woman justice since I have faith in his style of writing and direction, and hearing about the film production for the longest time I had high hopes this would be his ultimate break. Although it's a relief because he did have to struggle with presenting the script, and that certainly places a lot of weight on his shoulders. So I'm just glad he's free from those chains of impressing TPTB, which allows him to focus on his next upcoming project, the mysterious Goners.

-♠- Espenson Does Galactica, Again: Jane Espenson's second written episode of Battlestar Galactica is scheduled to air on February 18th, it's entitled "Dirty Hands". Visit Jane Espenson's official website for further information.

-♠- Holding Out For A Hero: Exciting news: Heroes has been renewed for a full second season! The popularity of the new NBC series is growing rapidly, winning awards and gaining the recognition it deserves. As the SCIFIWIRE article suggests, by wrapping up the first season questions will be answered, along with more questions left unanswered, leaving more speculating fans before its second season.

-♠- It's Raining VC Andrews: The Hudson series has been adapted into a film version, starring Brooklyn Sudano as Rain Hudson (watch the trailer). There has only been one other V.C. Andrews series adapted into a film version, and that was the critically acclaimed phenomenon of Flowers in the Attic back in 1986 starring Kristy Swanson and Louise Fletcher. I have mixed feelings about this newly adaptation though, because I've always considered V.C. Andrews' stories greatly dark and the trailer doesn't portray it as such; the dreams and ambitions parts were in the correct light mind you, but I guess I wanted something more from what I saw. Of course, Andrew Neiderman isn't the best candidate for faithfully portraying V.C. Andrews' stories, as his ghostwriting work post her death has dropped from the originality writing-wise, almost dumbing down on the brilliance of what Miss Andrews had written. I doubt this adaptation will conquer the book, like that's possible, but I'll give it the benefit of the doubt until I view it for myself. I don't know whether it'll be theatrically released or direct-to-DVD, as that's still in the works I believe.
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